Friday, March 25, 2011

Wassup with me & Denver, the guilty dog

Hi, it is me, I am not blogging actively because daddy and mummy sometimes do not let me use the computer.

But I have been having a lot of fun. My food diet has changed since mummy and daddy went for a animal communication course.

Now they are cooking for me food with chicken, vegetable and mixing it with some dry kibbles and blending it into this tasty wonderful meal for me.

I still am getting my treats and vitamins and still proudly the handsomest dog in the whole neighbourhood. Everybody says I got a nice shiny coat, which I do because mummy always feeds me this yucky fish oil tablets. But after I take the fish oil tablets, I get to eat some tasty vitamins.

Lately, mummy and daddy have been talking to me more and allowing me to chase the squirrels more. I do not like the squirrels because they are shitting in my back yard. Nobody, not even me shits in my own backyard.

Maybe that opposition leader does so, but not me.

Anyway, I am also getting to listen to this relaxing music when I am some days left alone at home for a few hours. I do not like to be left alone. I am not scared but I do not want to be alone.

But this music is helping me to stay relaxed and go to sleep.

Also, mummy and daddy have found this nice place for me to go for day care, baths and grooming. It is this wonderful place with wonderful people in Taman Tun.

I get to run around freely with all these little dogs. There are these two regular noisy little dogs there that daddy calls the Louis Vuitton dogs because their mommy brings them in this Louis Vuitton bag. I am happy I am too big to fit in any bags, that will just be so odd.

I like this place better than the other place where there was this noisy lady owner. The last time I was there for grooming, they cut me too rough and I had some nicks and injuries all around my neck and body and even now the hair is not growing properly.

Also, they cut one of my nice long eyelashes. Imagine, one eyelashes cut and the other not cut!!!! Lucky they have grown back and I now have my long eyelashes.

They other day, I met my 1st Godmother, Auntie Renata. Auntie took care of me when I was barely three months old for a few days when mummy and daddy had to go away. She is always so nice to me and very pretty like mummy.

Anyway, that is all for now. I just want to share this picture of a dog named Denver which daddy showed to me. It is so funny how guilty the dog is feeling for stealing some kitty kat treats. She does not have a poker face at all. Maybe I need to teach her how to get a poker face, or she can ask Lady Gaga.

Take care everyone out there and enjoy my blog.