Friday, October 31, 2008

AL-E's new diet and the aftermath

Our boy has a new diet which he sourced himself - rattan pieces.
Yes, our rattan sofa's are being chewed and swallowed bit by bit daily. Normally, it will end up appearing on his rear end. However, our little fella got too carried away last night. He ate way too much rattan...

So this morning, just as I was drifting off in my dreamland, heard hubby's loud yell (calling out to me), more like an urgent SOS. I jumped out of my bed and was presented with part of living room with AL-E's 'dhall curry' - all dried-up with lots of rattan pieces. Sigh! The boy must have had a tough night, vomiting and all.

Clutching my disinfectant solution, rubber gloves, paper towels, I got to work (Me, the clean-up crew). Then, fed AL-E. We both took him for a walk (more like a morning run). Now, he is sleeping soundly - while this blog is being written.

Nevertheless, the most AMAZING part is that we were not disturbed or woken at all last night/wee hours of the morning. AL-E is so considerate of our well-being too. I suppose he understands that we need our sleep since we slept so late..........The boy can be an idiot but yet intelligent at the same time.

We need to desperately find a way to stop AL-E from chewing and eating up our rattan furniture. I have sprayed the 'bitter bite' spray on all our rattan furniture. See if this works!

On top of that, AL-E still gave us the usual standard facials this morning!

Sometimes, I wonder where AL-E gets the energy to greet us good morning with gusto despite probably having a tough time last night with all that purging.....

Red Pillow

AL-E gets a new gift every now and then.

Sometime last week, I got him a brand new red pillow - to be a cushion for his sleeping basket.

The reason being, some parts of the basket is really being chewed-up by our little monkey. AL-E has lots of soft toys, bones, munchy stuff etc. etc.

However our little fellow here, really looks forward in biting up (or to pieces) rattan chairs, rattan sofa, rattan basket, my study table (the legs) and my favorite chair (the legs as well). Must be really yummy and soothing for a teething dog!

I wonder how long this red pillow will last (especially since he loves to chew on the corners of the pillow as well - from time to time). Sigh!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drama Queen

AL-E reminds us of someone very close and dear to us, my mother.

Why? My mom gets ill every now and then.
Boy! my mom can be quite a 'drama queen' when she is sick (does not matter if it is just food-poisoning due to eating a piece of fruit at 5 pm or a mild-fever due to heat/climate). For some reason, quite a number of anitibiotic pills does not agree with her (I will not make a list here - too long!).

So, why am I talking about mom. Well, our little AL-E is no better. The antibiotic that the doc/vet gave AL-E for his skin issues got him really sick. The side-effects range from rapid breathing, loss of appetite, tired, lethargic and plain non-active.

Gosh! I feel really bad for getting him to take the antibiotic. AL-E was just laying on the floor motionless with heavy breathing - even his favorite games, toys seem not to amuse him. He won't even acknowledge when his name is called. That's it, we decided he's off taking 'Cephalexin'. That's the name of the antibiotic.

We observed him all night. I barely had 4 hours of sleep.

Well, there is a happy ending to this story. Forty hours later, AL-E is his usual 'MONKEY' self. Busying himself with his daily antics. Driving both of us nuts but we are not complaining.

Boy, we are happy to have our AL-E back.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Works of Art

I left the house for about an hour and half , for my hair appointment. When I got back, guess what's awaiting at home?
AL-E's art work, torn pieces of hubby's favorite calendar (purchased via Not much remaining pieces left now......The knee pad too went through some ripping process (still in good shape though).

I stayed with the little fella the whole day yesterday (played games with him too).

So, this is AL-E's little payback for being bored and lonely. Sigh!

Frequent bath time and Fish Oil

AL-E has been scratching and biting some parts of his body quite a bit. So, as usual, we being worried parents, dashed our little AL-E to the vet.

Earlier, we discovered AL-E has some 17 spots of dry-flaky stuff on his belly and some parts of his upper body. At the clinic, bought a medicated shampoo and brush for his bathing needs (prescribed by vet).

Plus, doc's order, to bathe AL-E every 3 days till all spots disappear. Doc also gave some antibiotic. The doc started course immediately - more like chuck/pushed one piece into his throat (which of course our AL-E spit out and had to be trusted into his throat). Poor AL-E.

All this abrasive medicated shampoo may take a toll on his shiny black coat. So, we have started AL-E on Coatex (special fish oil for dogs and cats)-recommeded by the doc/vet. It does not smell nice and reminds me of those times when my mom and dad used feed me with 'Scots Emulsion Fish Oil' (yucks). I was on it till maybe 11 or 12 years old.

I bet Coatex fish oil sucks but nevertheless it is going to help AL-E maintain a healthy coat. So be it. How do I do it? How do I persuade a four-legged-fury animal to consume this stuff? Apparently, it will take 2 to 3 months of daily consumption of Coatex, in order to see results. Oh, blimey! Definitely need hubby's help, need to force feed AL-E Coatex (just like the way the doc demonstrated). Not easy with our little monkey

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a doggy dog world

One day, about 4 months ago, wifey and I were talking on what name I would give to a pet i.e. dog or cat if we had one.

Somehow, I always thought that a pet of mine would have a fun name, not the normal names like Rusty or Bob or Max etc. Wifey even suggested Maximillium or Augutus.

I came up with Al E Baba, Alladin, Goofy and if female Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Esmeralda or some other cartoon sort of character if it was a dog.

And of course if for a cat it had to be Liono, Jaga, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara - Thundercats Ho!

We were not seriously thinking of getting a pet and were talking more in future i.e. when we moved to Australia.

The next day, we went to Imperial for some regular shopping and lo and behold, they had a pet exhibition in the concourse area.

Before our shopping, we saw these 3 dogs in a cage, 2 German Shepherds and 1 little black dog which I had no idea what it was but it was sure as heck cute and charming.

We also saw some lazy Siamese cats laying about in their cage. (I am sure you can guess that I am not a cat person)

Dexter, the person selling the pets (and not the boy with mad scientist instincts with a hidden lab in his house), let these little dog out and straight away he came for me to sniff out and bite my shoes.

I was sold.

After our shopping, I very instintively, irrationally and compuslively decided to buy the little black dog.

And in the same manner, decided to name it Al E Baba - I thought it was unique, cute and a fun name.

Of course, wifey was not happy at all at that time mainly because of my irrationality and compulsiveness.

We have had Al E for slightly over four months now but the joy that he has brought to our lives is truly priceless. Wifey and I love Al E to heck.

Unconditional love and when we are playing with Al E, no thoughts or turbulance in our mind.

Life is beautiful and has been a blessing with Al E Baba in our lives.

It's a doggy dog world.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Counting the days till I get to hug our little fella.

For now, have to be happy with latest picture sent by hubby. My God, little AL-E has grown (all in about 3 weeks).

Pretty soon, AL-E a.k.a. 'The Ripper' (specifically in matters concerning paper, towel, toilet-roll, tissue paper, paper napkin etc. ) will be trying to fly and jump over the balcony (Hope not!)