Friday, September 12, 2008

The best gift

A roll of toilet paper and a box of tissues can be the best plaything for our little AL-E.

He will rip it apart, then sherd the contents, half of which will be swallowed and ejected from his rear end.

AL-E has also ripped some books, magazine and newspaper. By the time, he had chewed a whole box of tissues, newspaper, books and magazines, he is usually so exhausted that he falls asleep and we always find him with his head cradled on piles of sodden newsprint.

Nevertheless, these misfits of his do not go unnoticed. AL-E gets punished which is to being locked up in the big crate for at least 10 minutes. AL-E will sulk and give a solemn face but the chap knows that he has gone too far... However, everytime when he gets this sort of punishment, he looks so sorry that we forgave him almost immediately.

We don't mind clearing up AL-E's mess because we are so darn devoted to him. For this, hubby gave a new nickname to our little fella a.k.a 'The Don'. He may not know any tricks but he makes our heart melt every time we looked at him or cuddled him.

AL-E loves everybody, us (his owners), friends which he sometimes considers his toys, strangers and I suspect some would-be robber (although I hope this does not materialise).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bath Time

For the past two weeks, our little AL-E has been smelling like 'something that a cat would have dragged from the dumpster in the middle of the night'.

AL-E's BO has been absolutely unbearable, rather pungent and somewhat unpleasantly toxicating. However, hubby is not of the same view. I tried to explain to him but alas, my darling dismisses my logic .... sometimes it feels like I am speaking an alien language with my other half.

I wish I could pour some of my Chanel No. 5 or Coco Mademoiselle. Alas, that is considered toxic for puppies and dogs in general!

The non-toxic bio-degradable Pet's Cologne Fragrance/Spray seems not to work this time around...Actually, the fragrance only lasts for an hour or so...

Finally, today, I had my day.....Yoohooo I was able to give our little AL-E the much needed bath.
I am sure too AL-E had a gala time not having a bath for the past two weeks.

Two reasons why AL-E could not have his bath. First due to monthly vaccination and second due to 'tick-pouring' procedure (which is poured into his neck - upper part) done back-to-back. Actually, tick-medication procedure was done the week after the vaccination. Normally, after vaccination, one have to wait for at least five days prior to bathing the dog. Having 'tick-medication' procedure done five days after the vaccination delayed further AL-E's bath time.

AL-E was given a good scrub all over his body especially on his long ears. His ears tend to get a little waxy after a week although we clean both his ears on a daily basis. It could also possible be due to his habit of getting his long ears into his food and water bowls. We sometimes tease AL-E by calling him 'Sloppy Joe' due to his sloppy mannerism in drinking water.

On top of that gave him a nice facial and massage throughout his body. I am sure he loved it ....nah... Just look at the pictures of little AL-E all wet and soapy... He looked like he is going through a post-traumatic stress disorder.

The minute the sliding door was opened, AL-E dashed out to the living. It was a 'cat & mouse' chase for awhile before I manage to imprison the little fella on my lap to pat dry him. Had to use two long bath towels. AL-E loves to chew towels for some reason-a new habit. So, in order to distract him, I had to place one on the floor and the other to really dry him off.....Oh that's not the end of it.....

Here comes the best part, blow-drying the little imp. AL-E hates to be soaked wet but blow-drying is not his favorite cup of tea either. Again, I had to imprison him on my lap to proceed with the drying...I am sure he thinks mommy is 'Cruella de Vil'...

Cruella or otherwise, I won this battle. Using my high speed, saloon use hair dryer, AL-E was looking gorgeous in no time..Now it is showtime....

Phew........I am so exhausted...All in a dog's day!

Monkey Business at Home

Had a good breakfast, played with AL-E for an hour or so, posted a new write-up for my blog, had a shower and left house to go to the hair-saloon.

Since, I will be gone for a good four hours or so, I decided to give AL-E a bigger space in the living area and block off the dining area with the new three panel 'divider'.

Currently the 'divider' is being used to separate the kitchen and dining area. The three panel 'divider' works as an armour to ward off AL-E & his constant and ever creative antics in the 'ripping' & 'chewing' activity (his favorite pastime, especially since he is in teething stage).

Anyhow, the trip to the hair saloon for colouring (touch-up), highlights and treatment has been long overdue and I really need to cover my hair roots. Everything turns out fine at the saloon. Having spent a good four hours at the hair saloon made me really sleepy and the idea having a 'siesta' seems much more appetising than lunch itself.

Guess what the monkey-dog did at home......That little fella managed to push the heavy three panel door (one section of it) and had a gala time in the kitchen. AL-E managed to rip off all the three pieces of soft door mat. See picture.....sigh.

In retrospect, this is a mild incident as compared to Tuesday's massive vase-breaking and brochure tearing session.

Attachments (Pictures - in no particular order):-

1.Panel door closed (1 picture);
2 Panel door opened(1 picture);
3.AL-E's excitement to see me back home [If, AL-E can speak, he'll probably say "Look mom, I managed to push open the panel door all by myself...just watch me do it again..."] (2 pictures);
4. AL-E's tired face due to all the manual labour of pushing the panel door (1 picture);
5. Some other regular antics of pulling towel/blanket....(3 pictures)
6. What's left of the three pieces of door mat (2 pictures)
Nevertheless, all's not lost. Both AL-E and myself had a nice siesta EXCEPT mine was cut short by hubby's where was I in dreamland?...Never mind.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AL-E's Toys - Some of it

Somebody said that my blog can be a tart too long...readers may lose interest to read all of it. Thus, may just skim through. That somebody lives with me (for better or worse, in sickness & health... till the almighty decides so...hopefully we live till 100)

Anyways, today I have not much to say except to upload some of AL-E's toys...

I am sure those of you who has have verbally requested would be pleased to see it (as well as those who requested via email).
I only managed to locate some of AL-E's toys at this point of time. The others may be under the couch, at some corners of the house or wherever that little fella decides to hide......I think he is bored, so he has started this game of hiding stuff (well, I wouldn't go that far, AL-E has a knack for hiding his toys and it all started since we got him...)
Just to highlight some interesting points...his favorite(s) are the green soccer ball, the orange with bits of colours porcupine, the rooster (all these item has some squeaky sound....). The funniest squeak comes from the rooster because it sounds like duck. Fancy that!

Some of the smaller balls (like the purple and blue ones) are in the 'dying' stages due to constant chewing by the Angel called 'AL-E'...

Oh well, all in a puppy's day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AL-E's Work of Art - Tuesday Morning

AL-E bounced into our lives without any announcements or planning from our end.

AL-E is healthy, charming, fun, gorgeous like an A-List film star from Hollywood or Bollywood (take a pick) and has a sense of humour. Sounds like a great pet right? ...Err think again..

Living with AL-E has its drawbacks. AL-E can be all time-consuming as a full time job and can be somewhat expensive.

AL-E can be impossible, stubborn, has a penchant for chewing up paper/tissues/books/newspaper, loves to be driven around, clumsy, gets excited when he sees any paper material at sight and will try his best to pull them out regardless of his safety...

The minute I walked out of my bedroom today, I was presented with more work than I need...The floor of the living, dining and some parts of both of our study area were flooded with papers, broken pieces of vase and marbles...My little 'monkey' has been tip-toeing to get the brochure which was on the side table near my study area...He managed to pull out the brochure but in the process broke the vase and a bowl which is filled up with marbles to the brim. Sigh!

The morning's excitement is far from over. Just when I had finished sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floor, I realised that more broken glass pieces were flown all over the kitchen floor plus more marbles to be picked up...

Clutching the bucket, mop, broom, vacuum, gloves, cloth, hot water laced with floor-cleaner, I went to the kitchen for clean-up.

Took me more than an hour to clear up the whole darn mess by AL-E the impossible.

There goes my scheduled morning trip to do my long OVERDUE manicure and pedicure...urggh...urrggh...gerrrr...Animal taking over my home....

AL-E was punished was 45 minutes inside the crate. He kept quiet, peed and did his potty during this time.

The minute he was released from his dungeon, tails wagging, he sniffed me all over, gave me a sad look (with his long ears flopping, makes the scene really surreal), stared at me for awhile and eventually jumped on me to give me lots facial...

Oh brother...what can I say....I was beaten. There was no point being mad at little 'monkey'. That look melt my heart. He is forgiven. We made up, played games for an hour and now he is soundly asleep.

Monday, September 8, 2008

AL-E's Essentials

Every other dog require some level of essential items at home for it’s training purpose, medication, toys for chewing / fun time etc.

Here’s AL-E’s list of essentials for his upkeep. Items listed below are already purchased and the list is on-going:

1. Two training crates ( A big and small crate which is used as his potty & pee
2. Dog leash (We have got several for AL-E)
3. Dog Collar (Several types)
4. Several bowls (for food and water) – all the containers red in colour.

5. Chewable Vitamin (AL-E’s ALL TIME favourite item – He practically looks
forward to his vitamin time everyday. It is a meat flavoured tablets which contains
calcium, iron, magnesium,folic asid, vitamin A, D, E etc. It is called ‘vi-sorbits’ which
is manufactured by Pfizer.)
Note: His mommy i.e. dog-owner looks forward eating her list of vitamins too, on a
daily basis, of course.

6. Duvet covers for his basket cum bed.
7. Blanket
(Fleece blanket-to keep AL-E warm on cold nights. Especially, when the air-con is
8. Towels.
9. Disposable wet towels.
10. Paper towels.
11. Several brush & comb.
12. Several type of shampoo
(Currently we use an Oatmeal base shampoo for his bath).
13. Toothbrush.
14. Toothpaste.
15. Ear drops.
16. Eye drops.
17. Cotton bud.
18. Cotton.
19. Nail Clippers
(Note: So far, the vet has been clipping AL-E’s nails. The nail clipper is still in its
20. Chew bones.
21. Treat – Pisa Pizza Dog Treats (Bil.Jac brand). Others include Milky sticks.
22. Dental Stick (To remove bad breath. AL-E’s does not have bad breath because he only eats
what’s given i.e. dry food which is also Bil.Jac brand. So, the dental stick is only used occasionally, especially when guests are expected at our home.)
23. Breath Treats.
24. Vegetarian bone for chewing (Note: AL-E loves this.)
25. Stool Deodorizer Plus (It is a chewable tablet for dogs to eliminate foul stool & urine odour).
Since AL-E is still a puppy, we only use this item occasionally.
26. Toilet training Formula (A spray to help/assist in getting puppy toilet trained) – Really works
with AL-E.
27. Cologne Spray.
28. Bitter Bite Spray (A non-toxic spray to discourage dogs from chewing furniture, upholstery,
plants etc.)
29. Instant Odor Eliminator (A Biodegradable & bio-enzymatic cleaner & deodorizer to eliminate
urine and faeces odour from kennels and bedding's.)
30. Body cologne (Non-toxic perfume for puppy).
31. Tick medication – We get the vet to administer this liquid base tick medication.
32. A selection of soft toys (in many shapes and sizes) – the purchase is still on
His mommy is shopaholic which is extended to her puppy’s needs as well....
33. Numerous books (Books for AL-E’s training purpose and general health etc.)

This list is yet to be conclusive and there are many more items that being purchased on regular basis such accessories (his bling bling dog collar -inclusive of some crystal), books on dogs etc. etc.

In the pipeline, a proper closet for AL-E (right now we keep all his towels, spare blanket, duvet covers, pillow-case, pillows in a big container with lid).

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Late Night Entertainment, Supper & Play-Time

I am officially having a mild hangover...had a large dose of 'Cha' (Note: Cha is referred to Indian boiled herb tea).

Still feeling uneasy....The reason being not enough sleep, not enough rest and lots of activity.

Why? Here's the story of what happened last night and wee hours of this morning....

Both hubby and I went out for dinner, drinks and had late supper. We came back home about 3.00 am or later. The house was so quiet, so nice (the air-con has been switched on since 6.45pm...within a split second AL-E jumped from his basket (which is his bed, filled with generous amount of toys, a pillow, a duvet cover and other cushions) to greet us.

We could clearly see that he is half-asleep or rather rudely woken but oh boy, I wonder, where does that fella gets his dose of energy. I need some now. AL-E, please don't be stingy with knowledge, share with mommy and daddy, please. We need your dose of energy..

Okay, back to story now...

On a second thought, perhaps we should have got a sitter and kept AL-E awake, because when it came to bedtime - our bedtime - our little fella was anything but sleepy. But then again, it is almost impossible to get a sitter for a pet in this town...maybe in KL or SA (we have list of sitters who has have! Can you image that, we options and choices...wistful thinking for now here in this resort city that we live. Sigh).

Anyways, we got home, hubby had a quick shower and slept on the couch with only his bath towel covering him, AL-E leaped to his lap and started giving facials - I should have taken a video (record) of this moment. Alas, I was busy cleaning up AL-E's mess in the crate (as usual), the smell was a little too pungent for my liking.

Out of no where, AL-E turned into a different animal. Well, he is an animal but just different. Nose to the ground like the hunting dogs which his breed is descended (Cocker Spaniel are from the Gundog family)., he follows the scent of his human mommy like a 'shadow'..He tugged my blouse, pants, pulled my hair, licked my hair, gave me facials and some bites (due to excitement) - the bites can be quite painful especially when AL-E's in dancing mood (more like rock cum disco dancing). He chased after me, stopped chasing, continued chasing etc....etc....after awhile I just ignored him. I was so knocked off and all I need was shower and sleep ..zzzzzzz.

Guess what, the minute I came out of shower, there was a strong toxic fume coming from the living room (from AL-E's crate which I had just cleared, cleaned and sprayed some bio-degradable Instant Odor Eliminator)...Urggh... urggg... not again, I am so tired and it is 4.00 am!! Holding my breath to stop myself gagging, I cleaned the 'fresh' smelling droppings and cleaned up the crate again.

Sometimes, at these times, it is so hard to remember what the up-side of having a pet.

Well, as for AL-E, he's done his business now and can't seem to understand what's all this fuss that mommy's feeling crappy about. He seemed to be happy to play with his toys. Forget mommy who's darn tired and need to sleep. That selfish little imp!

Finally, I call him to wish him good night (perhaps good morning to AL-E), I whistle, I yell, I shout...AL-E remains immobile as the cute wax-figurine in Madame Tussaud's Museum..Oh well, I give up and head to our bedroom...

Ten minutes later...I can't do this, got out of the room, hugged AL-E Belly, gave him an explanation that mommy needs to sleep and feeling tired ...blah, blah, blah, bli-blah, bli-blah, etc. etc., gave a goodnight kiss on AL-E's adorable forehead and head to zzzzzzzz land. It was 4.45 am...oh well...

AL-E has taken over my home and in particular way taking over my life...

(Note: Hubby disagrees though...According to my wise ole hubby, I let AL-E dominate my life...So true, for now....AL-E Belly Smelly Belly is so so oh so adorable and I am sucker to his charming ways. Oh dear, what have I got myself into...)

Friday, September 5, 2008

AL-E 'The Ripper'

Thinking of what to write hubby's comments about our AL-E being 'The Ripper' or 'AL-E The Ripper'.

This 'Jack The Ripper' idea was first announced by our dear friend G (Note: G was joking of course ...not hubby...Hubby improvised and made it sound like the dog-ripper. Let me clarify and explain some truth behind all these rippings.)

Sounds cruel but when I think about, hmm... hmm....makes some sense. Why?,

AL-E can be difficult, stubborn and full of gusto in NOT obeying commands to 'tearing and ripping' paper base material. With him around, I don't really need a shredding machine.

When it comes to books, papers, toilet rolls, tissue paper, tissue box, newspaper, magazine or any material in the form of paper, he needs no command. He's very good in tearing them apart and munching them like a gum.

Mostly, he will spit them after chewing but some will find it's way through his rear end. That's when you hear him yelp and shriek when potty session is on-going....Boy never learns (yet). Hopefully it is just a 'teething' stage and it'll pass.

Besides papers, Al-E has in the past month ripped hubby's pants (Armani pants, no kidding...I feel like writing to Giorgio to place a 'caution' note on all his clothes especially to safe-guard pet owners). On top of that, he has also ripped my new Sonny San skirt (which I had yet to wear)... AL-E has EXPENSIVE taste for his victims!!! (No cheap stuff, no 'cap helang' T-Shirts, Padini pants/shirts, G2000, ...just to name a few.)

When it comes to clothes, I don't think AL-E did it on purpose but more so in the excitement of seeing us back home from work or dinner or wherever we come from for the day/hours.

So what do I do when I catch the 'monkey-dog' in action (for ripping clothes)? I normally put him in his crate and lock him up for 10 minutes as a form of punishment. Throughout the 10 minutes, I'll ignore this little monkey. He'll yelp for a bit and will be quiet.

The minute the crate door is opened, he'll jump (more like a fly-over) on me, sniff me up and 'kiss' all over my face as an apology gesture. This almost always melt my heart. Overcome with emotion, I give him a hug and kiss his adorable head saying 'Okay, you are forgiven, do remember to behave at all times baby.' Oh, also, I may add 'I love you too AL-E belly, smelly-belly-monkey cat-dog!'.

Boy, I am's almost 3.00 pm and I have yet to finish up eating my lunch! Sigh!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

An English Cocker Spaniel's daily musing - Thursday

My mobile alarm is suppose to ring at 6.30 a.m. Wait a minute, there's a scratching and yelping sound outside our bedroom....and it is only 6.00 a.m. I pull over the quilt cover and try to go back to sleep.

Fat chance, the scratching and yelping continues (faint sound of yep, yep, yep, yep, yep ..times 100 and the scratching continues). Then, it is all quiet for a faint two seconds and then the yelp and scratch continues...Sigh! No off button to this particular alarm...Sigh!

AL-E is consistent and persistent. Well, at least hubby is around to do the morning drill today (and every other day.....) Get AL-E to do potty, eat his breakie (his daily dose of dry food mix with some water-the only time AL-E gets the privilege of so called 'wet-food') and water of course...

Hang on a second....This is not how it works in the ST house. The first thing that AL-E requires is a small amount of dry food mixed with water. When it has it's fill plus water etc., then only AL-E goes to his crate for potty time. Then, it is his vitamin time which he loves. Then a short play time and hubby off to work. Then, it's mummy's time to look after this fella.

After all the scratch and yelp, can't go back to my dreamland...Sigh...Sigh... Off to shower...

The minute I get out of the bedroom (after shower), AL-E comes up running, jumps on me and gives me a daily dose of facial...sometimes additional dose of 'kisses' (licks) on my feet and hands. Then, the occasional (accidental bite due to all the excitement). This morning ritual goes on without fail daily.

Sometimes, AL-E may be bursting to go pee but he never fails to give me morning 'kisses' and facials.

Then, it is play time. Games involve AL-E’s blanket, numerous toys, balls etc. etc. It is only 10.00 a.m. and I am exhausted...AL-E has yet again dominated my morning and still going on strong...

Oh why? Oh why? I ask myself that I ever got talked or rather agreed with hubby into getting a dog.

Just when I started to dwell into these thoughts, AL-E appeared out of some corner of the house, threw himself at me, licked my hands, trampled on my feet and before I knew what was going to happen, he had clambered on to my lap, put his paws on my shoulders and aimed his tongue at my lips.

When it came to seducing, AL-E is super-smart and fast worker too. Oh well, the boy has charms. And me – well, I am sucker for this...You got me AL-E. I am deeply smitten. Love you back.

A special note to darling (I love you too, you know that...I love AL-E too). See, it's all fair.

And just like that, the thought of ‘asking’ myself ‘Why I got talked into getting a dog’ just PERISHED.