Friday, July 31, 2009

So sorry lah

Dear mommy,

I am so sorry to have created a mess during your 2 hours Starbucks break...I miss you lah so I decided to chew some newspapers.....Sometimes nice to chew on newspaper (like you chew some gum)...

But I know you hate it but I can't help it lah...Forgive me ya. I love you so much.

AL-E Baba

Thursday, July 16, 2009

AL-E Botak

Can you imagine what my mommy did to me....

Recently, mommy acquired a new passion or shall I say a new hobby...that is being my personal hair-stylist. The only problem is that she only knows one style......Just look at the pictures!!!

My dear mommy got a wee bit too excited and cropped off all my lovely locks.

Initially mommy only intended to cut off the tangled hair/fur (those that is hard and unmanageable). However, something got over mom and she started chopping all my fur...

On top of that daddy calls me 'botak' or AL-E Botak.......Grrgh

Although it is a relief to be free of tangled hair/fur, I just can't wait for my fur to grow back. Sigh!