Thursday, February 26, 2009

Evening walk-Feb 24th

Hi daddy,

Watch me walking with mommy by the beach. Mommy won't let me set foot in the sea water though. Sigh!

Enjoy the show.

AL-E Baba

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Evening run on the beach

Hi daddy,

How are you? How is winter? I wish I could visit you and experience winter weather (snow, rain and all). Do dogs in Netherlands wear jackets in winter time? Have you seen any English Cocker Spaniels?

Mommy took me for a long, long walk today. I 'penatlah' today...but happy.

I saw so many joggers (old and young). Most of the male joggers smiled at mommy and I barked at each and everyone of them. But mommy kept saying 'no' to me. Mommy also asked me to 'shut-up' or 'stop' and 'sit-down' when I barked at people. What's wrong with mommy? I am just trying to protect mommy. Sigh!

After the long walk by the beach, mommy wiped all my legs, face and mouth with a towel. Mommy said I got too much sand in my mouth. Of course I get sand all over my face and mouth because I got to sniff at every other item on my way which includes the sand, small crab, dirt, grass etc. etc. etc. I am gundog after all !!! Then, mommy blow dry my wet ears and legs (so noisy!). Sigh!

Oh, by the way, mommy let me sniff your 'unwashed' shorts (All your other unwashed clothes were washed by dada earlier. Dada said it not good 'feng shui' to keep dirty clothes. So all was washed and pressed.) I wanted to chew and sleep on your shorts but mommy took it away. Sigh!

Mommy takes me for a walk daily (sometimes twice, in the morning and evening). I love going for a walk...Mommy walks and I try to run as much as possible. That is why I am so lean and strong. You want to know something, mommy is so crappy about being overweight and complains to me every other day. I pretend not to hear her whenever she talks about her weight issue. Normally, I go to sleep when mommy talks because she talk non-stop. Sigh!)

I miss you daddy. I love too.

Cheers, hugs and sloppy kisses,

p.s. Now you know why I 'SIGH' so much in my sleep. Take care daddy. You are always in my thoughts and dream(s).

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb. 20th- All about Pretty

Dear Daddy,

Today I am so happy. I got a new friend.

I met a new girl next door and she is so gorgeous and nice too unlike C at the kennel. Her name is Pretty. She is also a lot bigger than me although much, much younger you know. Pretty is only 4 months old and she is so sweet.

Pretty let me sniff her all over and did not push or run away. Then, Pretty sniff me a bit. But that G so jealous one, barking away at Pretty, mommy, Mr. & Mrs. TS and the world wide world in general.

I also met Pretty's real mommy and daddy. They are so nice. They love my coat and complimented on it. Thank you for taking care of me so well mom and dad (also dada)....I am so grateful to all of you.

Daddy, you take of yourself ya. Eat and sleep well. I miss you soooooo much. But then I have mommy here to play with. We always take an evening walk and sometimes play on the beach. I also love playing catch ball with mommy. Sometimes mommy is crappy and so strict with me (don't know what got into her) but overall mommy is the best mother in the world. Every morning I give her sloppy kisses so that she wakes up early (otherwise she does not wake up ...even when her alarm rings. Her alarm rings at many intervals one....Headache lah! She keeps her mobile alarm so out of reach...Sigh!).

Oh, before I forget, I weigh about 12.5 kgs now. Yeah. Mommy feeds me Science Diet now. It is so yummy (for now). Mommy also gives me other stuff like oven baked dog biscuit, oven baked lamb biscuit, dog pizza with cheese (so far ONLY one piece...I love it but mommy is so stingy...), barbecued bones, regular bones and dog milk & carrot bar (mommy is careful to give the milk & carrot bar - she gives a little at a time and only if I manage to get the ball that she purposely hide...sometimes mommy can trick me one...).

But mommy don't like to play blanket like you do daddy. Dada too. They both don't let me play with blanket. All dada's fault. He told mommy that there won't be any blanket left if they let me play with it. Not nice lah....You come back and play blanket with me ya...Then if torn, you get me new one (green colour, my favorite)...

By the way, both mommy and I can't wait to see you.

Bye for now.

Love, kisses (lots of sloppy ones) and hugs,
AL-E Baba

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another letter to my boy

Hi Al E Boy,

It has been exactly 4 weeks since I left you in Miri with your Dada.

Now Mummy is there to care for you.

I miss you every day, a lot.

I see that you have become a little hairy as well as big compared to when I left you.

I hope that you enjoyed my postcard that I sent to you.

I wish that one day, we can all be together as a family and you can frolic freely everywhere like I see dogs over here.

I know that in your heart and in your mind, you miss me too and wondering where I have gone for so long.

I look at your pictures and our family pictures everyday to remind me of what I have left behind.

I yearn to be close to all of you again soon.

I am sad to be here alone but happy to have the opportunity.

Somehow, although you do not speak English, I ave a feeling you have an understanding of how we feel .... and I hope we have an understanding of how you feel.

Take care of yourself and take care of Mummy and Dada while I am away the next few months.

Love always,
Your daddy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Boss

Well, today dada had gone out for a little longer (maybe a couple of hours) and left AL-E at home in a smaller confined area (Note: The L shape area).

Guess what, AL-E has had managed to jump over the divider... It is so mind boggling...How the heck dd he manage to do that.....I am gob-smacked for words.

When dada got home, AL-E was waiting for him at the door. The alarm didn't go off....???

AL-E the BOSS. I need to get a permanent divider done (with fixed doors)...