Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Al E

Dear Al E,

This is your daddy. I am not sure if you have fully understood, but I am going to be away at least until middle to end of May. I am working in Netherlands.

I will unfortunately be missing your 1st birthday and really hoped that I could be there. At the same time, everyone will be missing my 40th birthday.

I have been reading about your antics and giving Dada a big headache. I do hope that you will behave yourself a little more and take it easy on Dada. He is the only person taking care of you for another 2 weeks or so.

Mommy will be back on February 11 and take care of you after that.

However, we are hoping that Dada will come and take care of you again during your birthday so that Mommy can visit me.

I really miss you a lot.

I wish I could bring you here in Netherlands. You will really love it here because dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere, in the hotels, in the shopping areas, in the trains, trams and busses, in some restaurants and shopping areas.

There are many types of dogs here but most are very well behaved. As such, you have to behave yourself as well.

I promise to bring you some nice toys from this country, maybe some clogs and windmills for you to play with.

Until I see you in a few months, please always remember that I love you so much and you will always be in my heart always, next to Mommy and Dada.

Take care and be well.

Yours always with a million hugs and kisses,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gained Weight

Spoke with one of AL-E's young and pretty godmother today i.e. Ms. Jo Udang. According to Ms. Jo, our boy, AL-E has gained weight (a lot) and is really heavy to carry.

Ms. Jo went over to see/play with AL-E.

Oh well...I guess Dada has done his part in making AL-E into a Guju puppy...wonder if he fed AL-E any tepla or rotli or bakhri....

Dada's tired

Spoke to dada this afternoon. Poor thing, his crown dropped and an appointment is scheduled with the dentist tomorrow.

AL-E has been monkeying around and keeping dada too active. Apparently, all these small adventures and AL-E's antics has taken a toll on dada (Note: On the phone dada complained of palpitation and mentioned that he somewhat is not able to play with AL-E all the time. AL-E is too darn active for dada....Oh well, managed to assure him it is alright, as long as he gives some attention to AL-E.)

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Culprit

According to Dada's findings & report, all evidence points to our little imp, AL-E Baba.

Well, AL-E is getting really smart, cheeky and naughty at the same time. I suppose he is also a little restless because mommy and daddy is away (and wondering when will they both be back).

New antic

Dada decides to go downstairs but guess what? The house key is no where to be found.

Poor dada...He was getting really anxious looking for the house keys (otherwise cannot get out of the house. Not only the front door & grill needs key but the alarm must be turned off too). So, dada was really sad and thought that he was really getting old, being forgetful, loosing his mind etc. etc.

Nevertheless, dada searched the whole house and after an hour of so found the keys hidden behind the curtains (in-between the railings in the living room. It was right at the back behind the side table).

So, guess who's the culprit? (Clue: There are only two persons living in the house, dada & AL-E). Go figure.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dada and Al E

I left Miri for KL yesterday. Already missing Al E for the past few days and very glad that Pappa or Al E's Dada (grand father) is there taking care of him.

Sarah will be back to Miri in mid February but I will only see him in May/June time frame.

So, what antics has my boy been up to while with Dada.

Dada left him upstairs while he went down to do some laundry. Maybe it took max 45 minutes or so. When he returned upstairs, there was torn paper everywhere, torn paper from Al E's toilet, torn paper from the table and money flying everywhere, thankfully not eaten.

Al E gets very very anxious when left alone, and I guess he saw mummy leaving with big bag and daddy packing big bags and he just went berserk.

Last night, after arrival and settling in the KL home, I called my dad around 9:15 to see what they (Al E and dada) were up to.

Apparently Al E was sleeping and Dada was also going to sleep.

This morning I found out Al E was just pretending to sleep. He did not let Dada sleep until past 1am and wanted to play. I guess Al E also wanted to watch Obama's inauguration - after all Al E being black would be a staunch Obama supporter.

So, they stayed up till past 1am watching history unfold.

This morning, Dada was smart enough to take Al E downstairs with him.

Oh well, another day in the chronicles of Al E and Dada. I wonder who is the master and who is the servant.

Think about it?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sigh, sigh .....more sigh............missing my AL-E so much.....

I wish I could speak to him over the phone. Oh well, at least he is with dada.

Such is life...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Missing our boy

Being back in the city has its perk(s). However, missing my little AL-E does not gather me any perks. The house feels cold and empty. I am feeling rather miserable, lost and melancholic.

Nevertheless, I know our boy is in good hands. AL-E will have all the love, care and activities with his dada (granpa Kishor is in Miri, taking care of AL-E and enjoying the sea-breeze-hopefully.)

I also hope some of our regular friends will find time (in their ever busy schedule) to pay a visit to our humble home in Miri. I am sure both AL-E and dada will be thrilled.

Oh well...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My favorite chewables

Our little boy, AL-E Baba is very fond of taking his vitamins. Upon recommendation from his vet, we feed AL-E the following items on daily basis:

1. Vi-Sorbits by pfizer (The label says chewable meat flavored tasty vitamin-iron tablets for dogs.)
2. Coatex capsule (This capsule mainly contain fish oil, borage seed oil, vitamin A & D3.)

Item 1 is his utmost favorite and item 2 being his least favorite. Initially, we had to push item 2 down his throat. However (good news), my dear hubby managed to teach this little fella to download item 2 without being forced. How he did, makes me wonder.....even when I was a little girl, I used to hate taking fish oil (Scott's Emulsion) - both my parents had a hard time getting me to even like fish oil with orange flavor (Harlyborange-I am not too sure of the spelling here!).

Apparently, the trick is to ONLY give AL-E item 1 (Vi-Sorbits), if and when he finishes up his Coatex Capsule. And this, AL-E does with lighting speed. Within split seconds he swallows his Coatex Fish Oil Capsule and will be begging for his Vi-Sorbits.

Well done to both of you (Note: To both AL-E and hubby).