Saturday, November 29, 2008

CSI: Luak Bay

The crime: An innocent victim was mauled and torn to pieces. Survived the attack but badly mauled beyond recovery even with cosmetic surgery.

The victim: A book

The crime scene: Luak Bay

The perpetrator: Al E Baba

The punishment: A scolding, taking away toys and some sulking

Pictures paint a thousand words...

I love you, but who is going to take responsibility for this?

Caught red handed, or is it red mouthed?

Who, me? It wasn't me Daddy, I swear, I am innocent.

Ok, Ok, it was me, I am sorry :-(

I am sorry Mommy for tearing your book, I miss you and daddy.

I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy, please forgive me, please don't be too angry with me.

The evidence, bagged up.

So, another day, in the life of Al E the Ripper. A dog who suffers from separation anxiety and loves to tear things to pieces when he is anxiously waiting home alone.

The perpetrator escapes any major punishment and he apologizes for his behaviour by apologetic looks, hiding his face under his paws, licking me all over my face and giving me this "I am so sorry" look.

Al E Baba and his 40 antics.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Posing for Mommy

Al E: Daddy, take some pictures of me and put it in my Facebook as well as Mommy's blog.

Me: Ok Al E. But come and kiss me 1st and tell me how your day went in the kennel.

Al E: Oh Daddy, when will you stop wanting me to kiss you. It is getting embarrassing.

Me: You will never stop kissing me cause you love me so.

Al E: You're absolutely right and I'll never stop jumping around and play with you as well. But I do miss Mommy.

Me: But you never want to speak to her on Skype or the phone?

Al E: I hear her, but I don't see her. Take my pictures lah Daddy. I want to pose for Mommy and also all the uncles and aunties that I miss so much.

Me: Who else do you miss apart from Mommy?

AL E: I miss Aunty Mack, Gandut, Joanne, Shirley and Yani. I also miss Uncles Muniandy, Kuppu, Chandran, Jo and Roehan. It's so funny because Uncle Kupps is still scared of lil me.

Me: Yah, Kupps is funny in that way, but you got to stop biting people boy.

Al E: Ok Daddy, now quick, take pics of me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Missing AL-E Belly & Kittie Cat

I am really sleepy, tired and worn-out (after only having slept for one hour and half). The flight back was alright except for landing. Very bumpy dumpy landing!! On top of that I have to deal with two luggages, take a train ride (had a good 28 minutes siesta) and very lucky to get a cab at KL Sentral (within 5 minutes). I was back home by 10.00 am.

It was nice to see my housekeeper. The house smells fresh, clean and nice. Made a pot of coffee, read the papers, watched some TV (the on-going US Presidential Election) and at the same time nice to be in my backyard (garden) - the flowers blooming, some vegetable plants are starting to bear fruit, squirrels jumping about and the neighbours cat(s) doing their acrobatic movements on garden wall/corner.........

Sure nice to be back BUT missing my loved ones terribly especially hubby and little AL-E. I know from previous experience, the next few days (or a week or so) is going to be tough.....

Well, I will be back and the music starts, again and AL-E gets to do his belly dance (although that is an on-going activity with our AL-E). Life will be good. Until then, this is my somewhat nostalgic post!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shopping for AL-E

Here I go again. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping .........
I got a little carried away on my last trip back in KL (at Pet Safari). Got AL-E some dog collars, little cute colourful bells, big-bells, oven-baked biscuits,munchy bone treats, food containers, turquoise colour wool blanket (with paw prints), a huge red pillow and etc. etc. etc.

So far, AL-E enjoys eating the nutritious oven-baked biscuits. But am not so sure about the munchy bone treats (vegetarian bone) although he used to enjoy it when he was about 2 months old.
My next mission to KL will be to get a good pair of harness and dog seat-belt.

Alternatively (if not available in KL), hubby need to source out for a doggy car seat-belt during his trip overseas.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Conversations with THE Dog

Sarah just started a Cocker Spaniel fan club in Facebook and I decided that it would be cool if Al-E was part of the club. So I had to create a Gmail account for Al-E in order to create a Facebook account.

So, now Al-E is on Facebook at

Of course, I could not resist an email from Al-E to us, so, here it is with my reply.

Subject: Hi Mom and Dad

From: Al-E Baba
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 11:39 PM

Hi Mummy and Daddy,

This is Al-E, I am doing fine here. Had some food poisoning with all the rattan that I have been eating and had a big throw up yesterday but I am in good spirits nevertheless.

Furthermore, this things that keep popping out of my mouth, bloody white hard stuff... what do you call them? Teeth I think. I am in great pain because of this. So, my sincere apologies if I hurt you sometimes by ending up in chewing your arm, please forgive me.

Apart from that, life here is great, the beach is nice but it has been bloody hot and raining cats lately, only thing I can't catch these cats.

I've had some skin problems due to the heat and humidity.

On top of that, do you remember this girl I like, that bitch gave me ticks. She is a no good arrogant bitch.

I am dreaming that you are here and I am writing to you this amazing letter, it is like daddy is in my head and typing out this email ... or is it a dream.

Oh well, I hope you are both well. I love you so much but I am going back to my nice slumber sleep and will dream of you.


Woof Woof.