Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fast and Curious ... drift drift drift drift

Daddy has given me a new nickname based from the movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

He says I am fast and curious and I drift too.

He is being funny but somewhat true as well.

I am super fast and I am bloody curious ... even more curious than a cat. I have to smell each and everything that is in the house and when I go for my walks.

And with the laminated floors in the house, I sometimes drift when I am running around chasing my toys.

So, I am Fast and Curious .... drift drift drift.

I wonder if you know

How I live in Bangsar
If you see me then you mean it
Then you know I have to go
Fast and curious (Drift, Drift, Drift)
Fast and curious (Drift, Drift, Drift)

Rasa I, oh macam itu sama
kena dari mak so kena main lama lama

Fast and curious, drift drift drift

tamama ichii do itsu eoi de
sikayju miryu suruhudoni ko kana

Fast and curious, drift drift drift

Jump around saw my ball in front
Al E Boyz is the place to be
I said I'm tired like a VIP
Many many diamonds danglin
Bag full of money we stranglin
Love me, kiss me, tickle me, play with me
All the above cuz you can get in
I don't want no squirrel problems
Because I'm professional
Make you, shake you, ketsu (Thank you!)
Lovers take it personal

Fast and curious, drift drift drift

Fast and curious, drift drift drift

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Packing Bags

I saw daddy packing his bags today. Sigh, where is he off too this time? Why is he leaving me? Can he take me along?

Daddy said he is going to Miri, where I came from. So, I told him to send regards to everyone there that I miss like the people in Angel Vet,.

Also some of daddy and mommy's friends whom I have not seen for a while like Auntie Joanna, Uncle Andy.

And if daddy got time, go say hello to that crazy Gaju as well as say hello to Coco. I hope Coco is doing well and still in the house.

Of course daddy will not be staying in our home before as now this is our home. That home was only temporary.

I wonder if daddy will bring me back some presents? Oh well, he buys me a lot of presents here too, so no big deal if he does not bring something back.

I wish I could go but Mommy is staying in KL to take care of me, so I should be fine.

I'll see you back in KL soon daddy, you have a safe trip and think of me when you can. I will talk to you if I am not busy at that time.

And I promise to be a good boy .... finger's crossed ;-P

Friday, June 10, 2011

Spot the difference

Can you spot the difference between these two pictures?

One of it was taken before Mommy sent me for grooming and the other is taken after grooming. Which is which?

To me, both actually look the same in the pictures but at closer inspection, there is some grooming done.

After all, I am already a perfect English gentleman, not much grooming is required, I always keep myself well groomed.

I keep telling mommy I am perfect as it is and no amount of grooming will make me better groomed but to tell you the truth, that is not true.

You see, I like Bob Marley, deep inside, I am a Rastafarian, I like dreadlocks.

So what do I do?

As soon as my hair starts to grow out, I lick and lick it to make them into dreadlocks.

But of course this is not good and it eventually hurts, but wouldn't if be cool to have dreadlocks?

Ciao for now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What are dog years anyways?

Hello everyone.

I recently turned 3 years old in doggy years and these humans around me keep telling me that it is like 21 human years.

I do not understand all these fuss about dog years and human years, from what I see, I have 2 and all the humans I have met also have 2.

So what is all these about 3 ears or 21 ears ... humans sometimes think they are too smart ... can't they all just be happy with 2 ears.

My ears are of course long and they go for a swim in the water bowl as well as the food bowl.

And I love to play in the grass.

So these leads to my next human peeve.

After all, if humans have pet peeves (which means a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it), I can have a human peeve.

It just does not make sense for a pet like me to have a pet peeve, sounds a little oxymoronic. Thus I have a few human peeves (which means a major annoyance that a pet identifies as particularly annoying to me).

My most recent human peeve is that mommy found a 2 or 3 of "" ticks on me and all hell broke loose.

Of course, that is not my human peeve. My human peeve is this bloody blood sucking ticks themselves. Because of this, I will now no longer be able to enjoy the great outdoors of the backyard garden and mommy will be overly careful to allow me near any strand of grass at all.

So yes, I had a few ticks which have been taken care off and I have been sprayed. These ticks are so resistant, I wear a tick collar and still they come.

And thus, I am going to sing this song that daddy always seems to sing but modifying it a little.

Nobody likes ticks.
Everybody hates ticks.
I'm going to eat some ticks.
Big fat juicy ticks, small thin skinny ticks,
Itsy bitsy tiny little ticks.

First you bite their head out,
Then you suck their guts out,
See how they wiggle and squirm,
Nobody likes ticks,
Everybody hates ticks ....
Especially dear old Al E belly.

Anyways, I recently had a birthday and daddy made me a burger. We also had a party during mommy's birthday and I enjoyed meeting all the guests.

Daddy also mentioned that he will take me to a nearby beach sometime but nearby in KL is at least an hour and half away compared to 30 seconds away when we were in Miri.

Nevertheless, it will be nice to see the beach and play with the sand and sniff out those crabs on the beach again - sure beats sniffing out the one crabby ole man in the house ..... hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, hugs and loves to you all.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wassup with me & Denver, the guilty dog

Hi, it is me, I am not blogging actively because daddy and mummy sometimes do not let me use the computer.

But I have been having a lot of fun. My food diet has changed since mummy and daddy went for a animal communication course.

Now they are cooking for me food with chicken, vegetable and mixing it with some dry kibbles and blending it into this tasty wonderful meal for me.

I still am getting my treats and vitamins and still proudly the handsomest dog in the whole neighbourhood. Everybody says I got a nice shiny coat, which I do because mummy always feeds me this yucky fish oil tablets. But after I take the fish oil tablets, I get to eat some tasty vitamins.

Lately, mummy and daddy have been talking to me more and allowing me to chase the squirrels more. I do not like the squirrels because they are shitting in my back yard. Nobody, not even me shits in my own backyard.

Maybe that opposition leader does so, but not me.

Anyway, I am also getting to listen to this relaxing music when I am some days left alone at home for a few hours. I do not like to be left alone. I am not scared but I do not want to be alone.

But this music is helping me to stay relaxed and go to sleep.

Also, mummy and daddy have found this nice place for me to go for day care, baths and grooming. It is this wonderful place with wonderful people in Taman Tun.

I get to run around freely with all these little dogs. There are these two regular noisy little dogs there that daddy calls the Louis Vuitton dogs because their mommy brings them in this Louis Vuitton bag. I am happy I am too big to fit in any bags, that will just be so odd.

I like this place better than the other place where there was this noisy lady owner. The last time I was there for grooming, they cut me too rough and I had some nicks and injuries all around my neck and body and even now the hair is not growing properly.

Also, they cut one of my nice long eyelashes. Imagine, one eyelashes cut and the other not cut!!!! Lucky they have grown back and I now have my long eyelashes.

They other day, I met my 1st Godmother, Auntie Renata. Auntie took care of me when I was barely three months old for a few days when mummy and daddy had to go away. She is always so nice to me and very pretty like mummy.

Anyway, that is all for now. I just want to share this picture of a dog named Denver which daddy showed to me. It is so funny how guilty the dog is feeling for stealing some kitty kat treats. She does not have a poker face at all. Maybe I need to teach her how to get a poker face, or she can ask Lady Gaga.

Take care everyone out there and enjoy my blog.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai Kong Hee Fatt Choy

Hello hello everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful new year and will have a great year.

After Christmas, mummy and daddy left me with Dada for a week or so but then they are all back and we are one big happy family.

Lately, Dada has been a little bit crappy and sometimes treats me quite roughly but I hear he is going away for 3 months to go to India.

Daddy has also been quite busy working after he came back and he keeps talking about doing things with more passion.

Mommy has also been busy in and out of the house.

I have not been able to go for 2 walks daily because of the rain. Everyday it rains and when it rains, daddy and mommy will not take me for a walk or let me play in the garden.

Those damn mortal enemies of mine, the squirrel have been coming to the garden more often too and I bark my head off when they do come.

I heard that day in the Christmas party that some people eat dogs. In fact the nice bald doctor friend of mommy and daddy also jokingly threatened to eat me if I did not keep quiet!!!!

I wonder why people want to eat dogs? I guess maybe if they are very hungry than they do not have any food to eat. But some people just eat because they like to eat.

I wonder if a really hungry dog will eat humans too? But I guess this is the cycle of life.

Anyway, I am happy to be in a loving home. But because of the rain, I am bored and I sleep a lot and I lick my paws a lot which both daddy and mommy will scold me if they caught me doing it.

Sometimes daddy gets me to exercise by running up the stairs and down the stairs many times.

Sometimes, I dream how it would be to be human. How would it be if I was really mommy and daddy's little boy. But in this lifetime, I am a dog, and by golly, I am going to be the best dog anyone can ever have.

Hopefully mommy and daddy will guide me when required.

I am also hoping for more pictures to be uploaded. Until then, Gong Xi Fa Cai and give me more ang pow this year.