Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas the night before Christmas, well two nights

Hello everyone, I have been quite quiet since my trip from Miri to Kay El.

I have been in Kay El for about 10 months now and finally know what all this Christmas thing is that mommy and daddy keep celebrating.

The last 2 years while I was in Miri, they will send me to Angel Clinic where my godmothers and Dr Hii would take care of me while mommy and daddy disappeared for a few weeks.

Now, I am in Kay El with them and not in the kennels. While I do miss all the wonderful friends in Angel Clinic, I am truly happy to be here together with family.

The festiveness always seems to start with some boxes coming out, boxes being wrapped.

The tree was put up by mommy and daddy a few weeks ago. The unfortunately daddy got a little sick which he is still recovering.

But the tree is really pretty. It is much bigger than the one daddy had in Miri and so many nice sparkling decorations. I smelled everyone to make sure the were safe and I also licked a few of them which mommy did not like.

Here is a picture of me sleeping under the tree. There are already some presents under it from the party mommy and daddy had for a few friends yesterday.

After the tree was up, mommy and daddy have had some visitors coming to visit.

Cabot, Wati and lil Aris came by for a visit and then Auntie Yean Mei who was also in Miri came for a visit.

Here's a picture taken by Uncle Cabot.

Then Uncle Kelvin also came for a visit. Unfortunately Auntie Angie has been busy and also because mommy and daddy were busy, Auntie Angie and Auntie Debra could not meet but I am sure we will meet soon. I also wish all my doctor friends from Angel Clinic will also visit sometime.

Then I met so many new people yesterday. So many friends came and I meet this 2 cutest little angels which I fell in love with, the were Kenny and Joanne's daughters. But alas, I am a dog and they are angels, sigh!

Yesterday's party was so fun for me, so many people I know and so many new people. I was barking my head of in excitement but I think I was scarring some guests because mommy and daddy keep asking me to be quiet.

But I was so happy and excited I could not control myself from the excitement. It was so much fun and I was totally exhausted after the party. Now I know what daddy feels like cause I may have accidentally licked some spilled beer and now feeling woozy.

That was yesterday night and tonight I hear we going to Pati's house for another party. I will meet auntie Stella and Sophia but Pati is scarred of me, I do not know why, but it is okay, I still love them all, they are family.

I learned from my first Christmas how much fun Christmas is, it is about friends, family and celebrations.

I will cherish this Christmas and many more to come with mommy and daddy. This whole year, I have not been in a kennel. Even when mommy and daddy are away, dadda or auntie Lyne is always there to take care of me within the home.

Now I am hoping this Santa Claus fella will bring me some presents for Christmas but as Daddy always tells me that being together as a family and having friends who care is a present enough, so I am happy that I got my present early this year. Being with mommy and daddy has been a wonderful present.

Love all of you and God Bless You. May you all have as wonderful a Christmas as I have so far.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy ending for most of Vick’s dogs

I have blindly copied this article from Yahoo sports writer Dan Wetzel who normally writes about American Football, NBA etc.

But today, he wrote a very nice article about dogs. It is a little bit serious article but I enjoyed how my fellow mates have received re-hab and are doing much better in their lives.

A few years ago, a top quarterback in NFL, Michael Vick was caught running a dog fighting organization. He paid his punishment but not much was written about the 51 dogs that were "rescued". Normally dogs in this situation are put to sleep but because of the publicity this case got in the media, these dogs were the few lucky ones to be re-hab.

And here is what Dan Wetzel has wrote about them:

The resurrection of Michael Vick(notes) took another swift step forward Sunday when he led the Philadelphia Eagles to victory in his first start in more than three NFL seasons. Now he’s in the middle of a debate about who should be the team’s regular starter. It’s a welcomed type of argument for a man who spent 21 months in federal prison, lost a $100 million contract and became a national pariah for his role in a vicious interstate dogfighting ring.

Jim Gorant was less concerned about Vick’s future than that of Vick’s victims – the 51 dogs authorities recovered on Vick’s property in rural Virginia, 22 of which went to Best Friends animal sanctuary in Utah. If Vick paid his debt to society (as he did, even becoming a Humane Society lecturer), he’d no doubt get a second chance (as he should).

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One of the rescued dogs hides in its shelter at Best Friends animal sanctuary, north of Kanab, Utah.

But what of Michael Vick’s dogs? It turns out there’s a redemption story there as well, one that Gorant, a writer for Sports Illustrated, details in the just-released book “The Lost Dogs”.

It starts with the decision by authorities to raid Vick’s property in April 2007 and carries through the rescue of the animals, the Vick legal proceedings, the groundbreaking decision to not destroy the mostly pit bulls and eventually a series of success stories for many of the dogs.

It’s a book that’s equal parts horrifying and hopeful. And while every person and dog involved would’ve been better served if Bad Newz Kennels never existed, there are plenty of positives coming out of a story that at first seemed to contain only misery.

Forty-seven of the 51 dogs survived. While not all have fully rehabbed, a good number of them live with families. Their new owners view the dogs’ scarred bodies as loveable and marvel at the ability to put years of aggressive training and systematic torture behind them. Four even work in therapy roles – including one in California which is so gentle and peaceful he’s used as a “listener” for self-conscious children trying to work on their reading skills.

Perhaps most remarkably, if it wasn’t for the high-profile nature of the Vick case and the quarterback’s ability to pay for their postrescue care (Vick reportedly spent a court-mandated $1 million on it), each of the dogs would’ve been destroyed. Dogs which came from fighting busts had previously been considered so far gone that trying to retrain them would take a disproportionate amount of already limited resources.

“Ninety percent of the time, they would’ve been put down,” Gorant said. “Even PETA and the Humane Society recommended it. [The theory was] there are already good dogs out there who need care. Why invest time, effort and money to save these few when so many dogs are out there that need help?”

The public outcry over the Vick dogs helped change that. An attempt was made to retrain them, and the success rate was so high that “the Humane Society changed its official policy,” Gorant said.

The major change, according to Gorant, is to evaluate each dog as an individual case rather than make a sweeping ruling on all animals which come from a fighting ring.

“It’s definitely a positive,” he said.

There’s more. The Vick case drew so much public outrage that police across the country have reportedly stepped up efforts to break fighting rings. Where the crime was considered a lower priority in the past, now resources are offered – if only because it often leads to the discovery of other criminal behavior. It’s not cub scouts who operate these things.

“Law enforcement realized that this is something worth their time,” Gorant said.

The book also delves deeply into a look at the pit bull breed, making the case that it is inherently a calm, friendly dog. It was originally bred as a family farm dog. It’s the fighting rings which have ruined the pit bulls’ rep – something that surprised even Gorant.

“All I knew about pit bulls was from the headlines,” he said.

Vick missed all of the ‘2007 and ’08 NFL seasons.

The book has its greatest impact in going past the headlines and detailing the recovery process of the individual dogs. The odds for success remained long, but the dogs took to the training at various levels. Seventeen have been deemed adequately adjusted. Seventeen are still in training facilities. The rest are in various spots in between.

The success stories will prove a winner for any dog lover. Consider Hector, a big, brown pit bull whose scarred chest and legs told of a veteran (and thereby successful and vicious) fighter. If there was ever a dog that at first glance would be considered too far gone to save, he was it.

Instead, the shelter found a pleasant demeanor and even a mischievous side (he loves hide-and-seek and is a klutz). He quickly passed his Canine Good Citizen tests and wound up in the Minnesota home of Roo Yori, who is known for training police dogs and flying-disc champions.

Hector now visits schools and nursing homes, offering comfort and entertainment and using his celebrity status as one of “Michael Vick’s dogs” to pound home an anti-fighting message.

Hector didn’t score any touchdowns Sunday. Yet, like Michael Vick, his life has moved forward in ways which few could’ve envisioned three and a half-year ago. Vick is back to being a football player, Hector a normal dog.

Monday, July 26, 2010


My ultimate fantasy of all my fantasies -- nothing sexual -- I want to catch a squirrel.

I want to catch a squirrel so bad it hurts my heart.

The kind of pain where I want to sit down on a rainy Sunday afternoon with John Mayer and just write a song about it.

Yes, I have not written for a while - namely because my mommy and daddy have been to busy to write on my behalf - my paws just cannot get used to the QWERTY keyboard.

They should invent a dogpawserty keyboard for canine blogger like me.

But since coming to Kay El, apart from my walks, I love running around the back yard smelling and chasing after squirrels.

When it rains as it so often does, I like to watch the backyard through the grill and see the squirrels shivering in the cold and hiding under the cabana.

I am now scheming, one day I'll catch a squirrel and present it to mommy.

They will not know what hit them. Now I have their scent and observing their movements and scheming to catch one of them.

From my smells, I have figured there are 2 regulars ones that come to the backyard and 1 irregular one.

It will just be a matter of time. these squirrels are cunning but they are following a pattern and once the pattern is predictable, I will have them.

Until then, I will enjoy my walks, running around the backyard, playing coconut footsie with daddy and chasing after Dada who is back from India.

Until then, I will keep singing this modified John Mayer song Waiting for the world to change which I have rewritten to Waiting on the squirrel to catch.

Me and all my friends
We're all misunderstood
They say we stand for nothing and
There's no way we ever could
Now I see everything that's going wrong
With the backyard and the squirrels who lead it
I just feel like we don't have the means
To rise above and beat them
So I keep waiting
Waiting on the squirrel to catch
I keep on waiting
Waiting on the squirrel to catch
It's hard to beat their system
When I'm standing at a distance
So I keep waiting
Waiting on the squirrel to catch
Now if I had the power
To bring our neighbors dogs for help
The squirrels would have never had a Christmas
No more nuts on their nest
And when you trust your vision
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want
That's why I'm waiting
Waiting on the squirrel to catch
I keep on waiting
Waiting on the squirrel to catch
It's not that I don't care,
I just know that the fight ain't fair
So I keep on waiting
Waiting on the squirrel to catch
And I'm still waiting
But one day, squirrel I will catch.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue Cheese

My sweet little AL-E is sometimes referred to as Blue Cheese......

One of his favorite habit (amongst others) is to follow me like a shadow especially when his human daddy is away at work...When daddy dearest comes back, mommy dearest takes a back seat .......

Sometimes I wonder, instead, if I am the stinky 'Blue Cheese' that he tends to follow. AL-E loves cheese (any kind, I think) but we have since long time ago stopped giving him any due to medical reasons...

Blue cheese, blue cheese, blue cheese....................................

Friday, January 29, 2010

My last day in Miri

Dear everyone who has known me in Miri,

Today is my last full day in Miri. I have been told by mommy and daddy that I will be flying to Kay El tomorrow early morning.

This morning, I got up early and kissed mommy and daddy all over their faces.

I think mommy is going back because she is packing her bags.

Then, daddy lifted me and talked with me while we looked at the calm morning sea with a nice light breeze.

He asked me to say good-bye to all my friends in Miri that I will visit today including Cherry, Coco, Connie and Gaju.

We looked around the sea and then I licked mommy and daddy some more.

As mommy took me out for a walk, I said my ta ta's to auntie Joanna who came to pick daddy up to go to work.

Auntie Joanna is so nice to me, I will surely miss her.

After that, mommy took me for a walk on the beach as well as visit my friends Coco and Cherry.

Later, I will be sent to Angel where I will meet all my other friends, have a nice bath and go for a government medical check-up.

Unfortunately, mommy said no food after 3pm. I guess I have to fast to go to Kay El.

Tomorrow will be a big new experience for me. In this large carrier that daddy has bought for me and going into a aeroplane.

But after that, I will be in my new home in Kay El where dada will be waiting.

My new adventures in Kay El will begin tomorrow.

The Black Rajah of North Borneo Al E Baba is leaving Miri and heading to Kay El.

Good bye North Borneo, hello West Malaysia.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Me with Mommy

Here are some pictures with Mommy. You see Mommy got a lil jealous when I uploaded Daddy's pictures although I was going to do Mommy's later.

Here, as usual, me kissing Mommy. Nowadays it is a routine every morning, afternoon, evening and night. Mommy is nice to kiss because she has all nice smelling stuff on her face compared to Daddy's rough stubbles.

Mommy duly kisses me back but she has me in this grip that I cannot escape.

Here Mommy is in the background as I pretend to sleep.

Yummy, that was paw licking good. See the pink blanket in the background? I still have it but it is now full of holes.

This is my "What you looking at" cheeky pose.

An now Mommy trying to show me the sea but again all I was interested to watch was daddy.

Me with Daddy

A long time ago it seems now that I came to live with Mommy and Daddy. But it has been one and a half years, seems like more than a decade to me (in doggy years, it is more than a decade).

Now, I am all grown up and moving to Kay El.

I like to stretch, since I was just a wee lil pup.

Of course licking mommy and daddy is always compulsory. Who else can you lick but your loved ones.

I also liked playing with all types of balls. I still have this green soccer ball but now like to play coconut football with daddy. But Mommy will not play coconut football with me. Oh well.

Daddy was trying to point out the ocean to me but all I was interested to look at was Mommy who was holding this funny black device they call a camera.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Teddy Bear

This is my little prince when he was probably between 8 to 9 weeks old...So cute

Friday, January 15, 2010

Soccer & Coconut

Lately both mommy and daddy have been taking me for frequent walks and run on the beach...I suppose it is because we all be moving back to Kay-el soon.

Most of the time, daddy forget to bring toys like my soccer ball to the beach. So instead he uses coconuts as balls. It is interesting - not easy but nevertheless fun playing soccer using coconuts found on the beach.

However, mommy do not seem amused. Apparently I consume too much sand and coconut husk while playing on the beach - according to mom.

15 more days

Mommy and Daddy are bringing me to Kay El.

They say in 15 more days.

They say we going to be in a new home.

I hope I like my new home.

I will miss the wonderful runs on the beach with daddy, the nice long walks with mommy, the coconut football with daddy.

I will miss Coco, Cherry and Connie - all my 3 girlfriends with names starting with a C.

I will also miss my crazy neighbour Gaju, although we never became friends, I have always admired him as an elder statesman.

I will miss auntie Joanna, uncle Kupps and many other friends.

But I will be with mommy, daddy and dada and I hear Auntie Angie is also in Kay El and will visit occasionally.

I hear I also have a patti (gran-ma) which may not like me - but I am sure I can soften her heart.

I also have Auntie Sophie to play with.

I hear there is a big garden and a lot of other friends I will make like Max and Sparky.

I have mixed feelings, but I will be fine.

Only thing I dread is that big crate daddy has brought and keeps telling me that I will be in it for 4-5 hours.

Kay El, here comes Prince Al E Baba of North Borneo - be ready for a good time out.