Friday, January 29, 2010

My last day in Miri

Dear everyone who has known me in Miri,

Today is my last full day in Miri. I have been told by mommy and daddy that I will be flying to Kay El tomorrow early morning.

This morning, I got up early and kissed mommy and daddy all over their faces.

I think mommy is going back because she is packing her bags.

Then, daddy lifted me and talked with me while we looked at the calm morning sea with a nice light breeze.

He asked me to say good-bye to all my friends in Miri that I will visit today including Cherry, Coco, Connie and Gaju.

We looked around the sea and then I licked mommy and daddy some more.

As mommy took me out for a walk, I said my ta ta's to auntie Joanna who came to pick daddy up to go to work.

Auntie Joanna is so nice to me, I will surely miss her.

After that, mommy took me for a walk on the beach as well as visit my friends Coco and Cherry.

Later, I will be sent to Angel where I will meet all my other friends, have a nice bath and go for a government medical check-up.

Unfortunately, mommy said no food after 3pm. I guess I have to fast to go to Kay El.

Tomorrow will be a big new experience for me. In this large carrier that daddy has bought for me and going into a aeroplane.

But after that, I will be in my new home in Kay El where dada will be waiting.

My new adventures in Kay El will begin tomorrow.

The Black Rajah of North Borneo Al E Baba is leaving Miri and heading to Kay El.

Good bye North Borneo, hello West Malaysia.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Me with Mommy

Here are some pictures with Mommy. You see Mommy got a lil jealous when I uploaded Daddy's pictures although I was going to do Mommy's later.

Here, as usual, me kissing Mommy. Nowadays it is a routine every morning, afternoon, evening and night. Mommy is nice to kiss because she has all nice smelling stuff on her face compared to Daddy's rough stubbles.

Mommy duly kisses me back but she has me in this grip that I cannot escape.

Here Mommy is in the background as I pretend to sleep.

Yummy, that was paw licking good. See the pink blanket in the background? I still have it but it is now full of holes.

This is my "What you looking at" cheeky pose.

An now Mommy trying to show me the sea but again all I was interested to watch was daddy.

Me with Daddy

A long time ago it seems now that I came to live with Mommy and Daddy. But it has been one and a half years, seems like more than a decade to me (in doggy years, it is more than a decade).

Now, I am all grown up and moving to Kay El.

I like to stretch, since I was just a wee lil pup.

Of course licking mommy and daddy is always compulsory. Who else can you lick but your loved ones.

I also liked playing with all types of balls. I still have this green soccer ball but now like to play coconut football with daddy. But Mommy will not play coconut football with me. Oh well.

Daddy was trying to point out the ocean to me but all I was interested to look at was Mommy who was holding this funny black device they call a camera.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Teddy Bear

This is my little prince when he was probably between 8 to 9 weeks old...So cute

Friday, January 15, 2010

Soccer & Coconut

Lately both mommy and daddy have been taking me for frequent walks and run on the beach...I suppose it is because we all be moving back to Kay-el soon.

Most of the time, daddy forget to bring toys like my soccer ball to the beach. So instead he uses coconuts as balls. It is interesting - not easy but nevertheless fun playing soccer using coconuts found on the beach.

However, mommy do not seem amused. Apparently I consume too much sand and coconut husk while playing on the beach - according to mom.

15 more days

Mommy and Daddy are bringing me to Kay El.

They say in 15 more days.

They say we going to be in a new home.

I hope I like my new home.

I will miss the wonderful runs on the beach with daddy, the nice long walks with mommy, the coconut football with daddy.

I will miss Coco, Cherry and Connie - all my 3 girlfriends with names starting with a C.

I will also miss my crazy neighbour Gaju, although we never became friends, I have always admired him as an elder statesman.

I will miss auntie Joanna, uncle Kupps and many other friends.

But I will be with mommy, daddy and dada and I hear Auntie Angie is also in Kay El and will visit occasionally.

I hear I also have a patti (gran-ma) which may not like me - but I am sure I can soften her heart.

I also have Auntie Sophie to play with.

I hear there is a big garden and a lot of other friends I will make like Max and Sparky.

I have mixed feelings, but I will be fine.

Only thing I dread is that big crate daddy has brought and keeps telling me that I will be in it for 4-5 hours.

Kay El, here comes Prince Al E Baba of North Borneo - be ready for a good time out.