Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas the night before Christmas, well two nights

Hello everyone, I have been quite quiet since my trip from Miri to Kay El.

I have been in Kay El for about 10 months now and finally know what all this Christmas thing is that mommy and daddy keep celebrating.

The last 2 years while I was in Miri, they will send me to Angel Clinic where my godmothers and Dr Hii would take care of me while mommy and daddy disappeared for a few weeks.

Now, I am in Kay El with them and not in the kennels. While I do miss all the wonderful friends in Angel Clinic, I am truly happy to be here together with family.

The festiveness always seems to start with some boxes coming out, boxes being wrapped.

The tree was put up by mommy and daddy a few weeks ago. The unfortunately daddy got a little sick which he is still recovering.

But the tree is really pretty. It is much bigger than the one daddy had in Miri and so many nice sparkling decorations. I smelled everyone to make sure the were safe and I also licked a few of them which mommy did not like.

Here is a picture of me sleeping under the tree. There are already some presents under it from the party mommy and daddy had for a few friends yesterday.

After the tree was up, mommy and daddy have had some visitors coming to visit.

Cabot, Wati and lil Aris came by for a visit and then Auntie Yean Mei who was also in Miri came for a visit.

Here's a picture taken by Uncle Cabot.

Then Uncle Kelvin also came for a visit. Unfortunately Auntie Angie has been busy and also because mommy and daddy were busy, Auntie Angie and Auntie Debra could not meet but I am sure we will meet soon. I also wish all my doctor friends from Angel Clinic will also visit sometime.

Then I met so many new people yesterday. So many friends came and I meet this 2 cutest little angels which I fell in love with, the were Kenny and Joanne's daughters. But alas, I am a dog and they are angels, sigh!

Yesterday's party was so fun for me, so many people I know and so many new people. I was barking my head of in excitement but I think I was scarring some guests because mommy and daddy keep asking me to be quiet.

But I was so happy and excited I could not control myself from the excitement. It was so much fun and I was totally exhausted after the party. Now I know what daddy feels like cause I may have accidentally licked some spilled beer and now feeling woozy.

That was yesterday night and tonight I hear we going to Pati's house for another party. I will meet auntie Stella and Sophia but Pati is scarred of me, I do not know why, but it is okay, I still love them all, they are family.

I learned from my first Christmas how much fun Christmas is, it is about friends, family and celebrations.

I will cherish this Christmas and many more to come with mommy and daddy. This whole year, I have not been in a kennel. Even when mommy and daddy are away, dadda or auntie Lyne is always there to take care of me within the home.

Now I am hoping this Santa Claus fella will bring me some presents for Christmas but as Daddy always tells me that being together as a family and having friends who care is a present enough, so I am happy that I got my present early this year. Being with mommy and daddy has been a wonderful present.

Love all of you and God Bless You. May you all have as wonderful a Christmas as I have so far.


Nil said...

Wow Al E, what a lovely posting. We are also happy for you to be with us. Love n god bless

Ser said...

We love you soooooooooo much Ale. We are so blessed to have you in our live. You complete us. :)