Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Hi Daddy,
How are you? I heard you are having a splendid time with friends & their respective families in Wein (Vienna).

Yesterday, mommy had a party. All her friends, which are also my buddies drop by i.e. Anjali, Kupps, Ani & Dr. Sharon.

I had such a fantastic time jumping on everyone (including Kupps..he he hehe kwakwkakakakakakak). They all played with me too.

Ms. Ange brought her fancy new gadget (D90) and took some pictures. I hope you like them.

Append here some of the snapshots.

Love you sooooooooo much,
AL-E Baba


Nil said...

Al E boy, I miss you so. One more month, and I will be back home. I hope you will greet me with all the passion and love you have showed mummy and our friends over the months. I have brought many presents for you. Dada will take good care of you while mommy is away. See you soon.

Ser said...

Al-E loves you and will give you lots of sloppy kisses when he greets us at the airport. He almost wanted to jump out of the window of the car when he saw his dada...So sweet.