Thursday, April 9, 2009

Minor Mayhem in Luak Bay

AL-E still gets all worked up when I leave him at home for couple of hours to do errands or meet up with friends. Maximum hours he has been by himself so far has been about 3.5 hours.

However, there is a little price to pay...just look at the pictures. That's his shredded newspaper artwork. If I do not place any newspaper then I will have yellow stains and 'stinky sausages' on the floor. I have fixed lots of sellotape but nowadays our little monkey can rip them too. Sigh!!!
Any idea to fix this minor problem?

Note: Managed to fix the partition issue and now another problem has cropped up i.e. AL-E's all time fashion with ripping newpaper.


Nil said...

Al E belly and his newspaper chewing habit - macam "sirih" - makan, kunyah and spit out :P Yenada Al E?

Ser said...

I wish we had a hidden camera to take snap-shots of his misfits.