Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shopping for AL-E

Here I go again. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping .........
I got a little carried away on my last trip back in KL (at Pet Safari). Got AL-E some dog collars, little cute colourful bells, big-bells, oven-baked biscuits,munchy bone treats, food containers, turquoise colour wool blanket (with paw prints), a huge red pillow and etc. etc. etc.

So far, AL-E enjoys eating the nutritious oven-baked biscuits. But am not so sure about the munchy bone treats (vegetarian bone) although he used to enjoy it when he was about 2 months old.
My next mission to KL will be to get a good pair of harness and dog seat-belt.

Alternatively (if not available in KL), hubby need to source out for a doggy car seat-belt during his trip overseas.


Al E said...

I really really really love all my wonderful gifts thank you mommy, a million zillion kisses.

Ser said...

My pleasure AL-E. Million-zillion kisses back. Take care of daddy. Take of yourself. Be a good (cut-out being Cujo). Will miss you much but then we have got SKYPE to see each other. Cheers.