Monday, November 10, 2008

Posing for Mommy

Al E: Daddy, take some pictures of me and put it in my Facebook as well as Mommy's blog.

Me: Ok Al E. But come and kiss me 1st and tell me how your day went in the kennel.

Al E: Oh Daddy, when will you stop wanting me to kiss you. It is getting embarrassing.

Me: You will never stop kissing me cause you love me so.

Al E: You're absolutely right and I'll never stop jumping around and play with you as well. But I do miss Mommy.

Me: But you never want to speak to her on Skype or the phone?

Al E: I hear her, but I don't see her. Take my pictures lah Daddy. I want to pose for Mommy and also all the uncles and aunties that I miss so much.

Me: Who else do you miss apart from Mommy?

AL E: I miss Aunty Mack, Gandut, Joanne, Shirley and Yani. I also miss Uncles Muniandy, Kuppu, Chandran, Jo and Roehan. It's so funny because Uncle Kupps is still scared of lil me.

Me: Yah, Kupps is funny in that way, but you got to stop biting people boy.

Al E: Ok Daddy, now quick, take pics of me.

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Ser said...

Mommy miss you too baby. Don't be embarrassed to kiss mommy or daddy - it is SOP! We love you to bits.

AL-E boy, you look so cute and cheeky in all the pictures. What have you been up too lately?