Friday, August 14, 2009


Every other day, I read an article about some dog being a hero.

Here and there, everywhere, everyday there is a dog saving a person.

"Dog hailed as hero for guiding rescuers to owner's body" is among a recent headline.

"Dog pulls toddler out of burning building."

Some religions believe that dogs are evil, or the devil and if you have a dog, angels would not come into your house.

I believe somewhat the opposite. The dog is an angel that keeps the evil out.

Al E is not different. Numerous times he has warned me of something, or barked at a stranger lurking around the house.

Yes, he barks at nearly everyone, but I have learned to recognise the different barks.

And sometimes he just goes quiet, to warn you of something strange. He goes extremely quiet and listens attentively for any strange sounds.

No difference on Thursday night - but read Nils Musings for that story.

Al E has his heroics and he is a hero at the same time. A loyal, good, kind-hearted and loving pet.

He may whine and destroy a few papers here and there and create a bit of a mess when left alone for a few hours, but Al E will always be #1 pet.I can treat him like my son but he knows he is a dog and that I am his master, and we both love each other unconditionally.

Al E misses his human mommy. And daily cherishes time with his human daddy.

Such is life, and it's beautiful.

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Ser said...

Well said and well put...AL-E is the love of our life though AL-E is only a little dog...