Friday, August 21, 2009

Unconditional love

Al E is not different from this cartoon.

We can leave him in the kennel and would go collect him thinking he will be mad at us or upset with us, but he comes running like a maniac, just waiting to jump and slober all over you.

Such is the simple unconditional love you get from a dog, you are his world. Treat him well and rewards are aplenty.

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Ser said...


Love AL-E to bits.

Everytime I go back to Kay-el, I worry that he will be mad at me or forget me etc. etc.

Gosh the minute I get back to Miri and the minute he sees me for the first time, there goes AL-E with his slobbering wet kisses all over my face, ears, hair and he jumps on me too.

AL-E probably thinks 'where the heck' did you go and now you are back and you are all pet...Yup both of us (including our friends) are AL-E's pet - at least in AL-E's world.