Thursday, June 2, 2011

What are dog years anyways?

Hello everyone.

I recently turned 3 years old in doggy years and these humans around me keep telling me that it is like 21 human years.

I do not understand all these fuss about dog years and human years, from what I see, I have 2 and all the humans I have met also have 2.

So what is all these about 3 ears or 21 ears ... humans sometimes think they are too smart ... can't they all just be happy with 2 ears.

My ears are of course long and they go for a swim in the water bowl as well as the food bowl.

And I love to play in the grass.

So these leads to my next human peeve.

After all, if humans have pet peeves (which means a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it), I can have a human peeve.

It just does not make sense for a pet like me to have a pet peeve, sounds a little oxymoronic. Thus I have a few human peeves (which means a major annoyance that a pet identifies as particularly annoying to me).

My most recent human peeve is that mommy found a 2 or 3 of "" ticks on me and all hell broke loose.

Of course, that is not my human peeve. My human peeve is this bloody blood sucking ticks themselves. Because of this, I will now no longer be able to enjoy the great outdoors of the backyard garden and mommy will be overly careful to allow me near any strand of grass at all.

So yes, I had a few ticks which have been taken care off and I have been sprayed. These ticks are so resistant, I wear a tick collar and still they come.

And thus, I am going to sing this song that daddy always seems to sing but modifying it a little.

Nobody likes ticks.
Everybody hates ticks.
I'm going to eat some ticks.
Big fat juicy ticks, small thin skinny ticks,
Itsy bitsy tiny little ticks.

First you bite their head out,
Then you suck their guts out,
See how they wiggle and squirm,
Nobody likes ticks,
Everybody hates ticks ....
Especially dear old Al E belly.

Anyways, I recently had a birthday and daddy made me a burger. We also had a party during mommy's birthday and I enjoyed meeting all the guests.

Daddy also mentioned that he will take me to a nearby beach sometime but nearby in KL is at least an hour and half away compared to 30 seconds away when we were in Miri.

Nevertheless, it will be nice to see the beach and play with the sand and sniff out those crabs on the beach again - sure beats sniffing out the one crabby ole man in the house ..... hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, hugs and loves to you all.

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