Sunday, June 12, 2011

Packing Bags

I saw daddy packing his bags today. Sigh, where is he off too this time? Why is he leaving me? Can he take me along?

Daddy said he is going to Miri, where I came from. So, I told him to send regards to everyone there that I miss like the people in Angel Vet,.

Also some of daddy and mommy's friends whom I have not seen for a while like Auntie Joanna, Uncle Andy.

And if daddy got time, go say hello to that crazy Gaju as well as say hello to Coco. I hope Coco is doing well and still in the house.

Of course daddy will not be staying in our home before as now this is our home. That home was only temporary.

I wonder if daddy will bring me back some presents? Oh well, he buys me a lot of presents here too, so no big deal if he does not bring something back.

I wish I could go but Mommy is staying in KL to take care of me, so I should be fine.

I'll see you back in KL soon daddy, you have a safe trip and think of me when you can. I will talk to you if I am not busy at that time.

And I promise to be a good boy .... finger's crossed ;-P


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