Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dada and Al E

I left Miri for KL yesterday. Already missing Al E for the past few days and very glad that Pappa or Al E's Dada (grand father) is there taking care of him.

Sarah will be back to Miri in mid February but I will only see him in May/June time frame.

So, what antics has my boy been up to while with Dada.

Dada left him upstairs while he went down to do some laundry. Maybe it took max 45 minutes or so. When he returned upstairs, there was torn paper everywhere, torn paper from Al E's toilet, torn paper from the table and money flying everywhere, thankfully not eaten.

Al E gets very very anxious when left alone, and I guess he saw mummy leaving with big bag and daddy packing big bags and he just went berserk.

Last night, after arrival and settling in the KL home, I called my dad around 9:15 to see what they (Al E and dada) were up to.

Apparently Al E was sleeping and Dada was also going to sleep.

This morning I found out Al E was just pretending to sleep. He did not let Dada sleep until past 1am and wanted to play. I guess Al E also wanted to watch Obama's inauguration - after all Al E being black would be a staunch Obama supporter.

So, they stayed up till past 1am watching history unfold.

This morning, Dada was smart enough to take Al E downstairs with him.

Oh well, another day in the chronicles of Al E and Dada. I wonder who is the master and who is the servant.

Think about it?

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Ser said...

Oh well, that's our boy, AL-E and his antics.