Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My favorite chewables

Our little boy, AL-E Baba is very fond of taking his vitamins. Upon recommendation from his vet, we feed AL-E the following items on daily basis:

1. Vi-Sorbits by pfizer (The label says chewable meat flavored tasty vitamin-iron tablets for dogs.)
2. Coatex capsule (This capsule mainly contain fish oil, borage seed oil, vitamin A & D3.)

Item 1 is his utmost favorite and item 2 being his least favorite. Initially, we had to push item 2 down his throat. However (good news), my dear hubby managed to teach this little fella to download item 2 without being forced. How he did, makes me wonder.....even when I was a little girl, I used to hate taking fish oil (Scott's Emulsion) - both my parents had a hard time getting me to even like fish oil with orange flavor (Harlyborange-I am not too sure of the spelling here!).

Apparently, the trick is to ONLY give AL-E item 1 (Vi-Sorbits), if and when he finishes up his Coatex Capsule. And this, AL-E does with lighting speed. Within split seconds he swallows his Coatex Fish Oil Capsule and will be begging for his Vi-Sorbits.

Well done to both of you (Note: To both AL-E and hubby).

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