Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Al E

Dear Al E,

This is your daddy. I am not sure if you have fully understood, but I am going to be away at least until middle to end of May. I am working in Netherlands.

I will unfortunately be missing your 1st birthday and really hoped that I could be there. At the same time, everyone will be missing my 40th birthday.

I have been reading about your antics and giving Dada a big headache. I do hope that you will behave yourself a little more and take it easy on Dada. He is the only person taking care of you for another 2 weeks or so.

Mommy will be back on February 11 and take care of you after that.

However, we are hoping that Dada will come and take care of you again during your birthday so that Mommy can visit me.

I really miss you a lot.

I wish I could bring you here in Netherlands. You will really love it here because dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere, in the hotels, in the shopping areas, in the trains, trams and busses, in some restaurants and shopping areas.

There are many types of dogs here but most are very well behaved. As such, you have to behave yourself as well.

I promise to bring you some nice toys from this country, maybe some clogs and windmills for you to play with.

Until I see you in a few months, please always remember that I love you so much and you will always be in my heart always, next to Mommy and Dada.

Take care and be well.

Yours always with a million hugs and kisses,


Ser said...

Awwww it is so sweet of you to write this entry dear (Nil).

But AL-E needs to go to school (Behavioral school). AL-E needs to understands simple things like to walk straight on the road and beside the person who is walking him (not jumping here and there and to bark non-stop).

AL-E also needs to understand simple stuff like to heal and to listen to Dada or others who is taking care of him. According to Dada, Raja was well behaved (although can be cheeky at times). Raja went to school. Papa can walk that late big ole Raja easily than our AL-E.

Dada's comment about AL-E yesterday is "AL-E is UNEDUCATED and needs proper training/education by a dog-trainer in order to be acceptable in the society (Dada apologised because he cannot find a better word than that!)....

I believe Dada is right on this matter. If AL-E's jumping and clowning is not corrected properly, then it would be difficult for him especially if AL-E were to be in Holland or Australia or any other country...

Note: I love Marley (of "Marley & Me") but I really hope AL-E don't turn out to be as DESTRUCTIVE as Marley.

I have to firgure out something soon when I get back to Miri...

Nil said...

Agree that he needs some obedience training but I am not agreeing to him being sent to soem guy to livwe with that guy for a period of time. I do not trust that he can take care of Al E like we do. If he is willing to do obedience training like normal trainers do, then fine. If not, let's get some books and let's teach him some obedience by disciplining and rewards. I do miss him dearly.