Monday, January 26, 2009

New antic

Dada decides to go downstairs but guess what? The house key is no where to be found.

Poor dada...He was getting really anxious looking for the house keys (otherwise cannot get out of the house. Not only the front door & grill needs key but the alarm must be turned off too). So, dada was really sad and thought that he was really getting old, being forgetful, loosing his mind etc. etc.

Nevertheless, dada searched the whole house and after an hour of so found the keys hidden behind the curtains (in-between the railings in the living room. It was right at the back behind the side table).

So, guess who's the culprit? (Clue: There are only two persons living in the house, dada & AL-E). Go figure.


Ser said...

AL-E Belly is getting really smart for pappa. Sometimes I wonder who is the boss...

Nil said...

He's the boss and we are all his servants... DYMM SPB YDP AL E