Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Evening run on the beach

Hi daddy,

How are you? How is winter? I wish I could visit you and experience winter weather (snow, rain and all). Do dogs in Netherlands wear jackets in winter time? Have you seen any English Cocker Spaniels?

Mommy took me for a long, long walk today. I 'penatlah' today...but happy.

I saw so many joggers (old and young). Most of the male joggers smiled at mommy and I barked at each and everyone of them. But mommy kept saying 'no' to me. Mommy also asked me to 'shut-up' or 'stop' and 'sit-down' when I barked at people. What's wrong with mommy? I am just trying to protect mommy. Sigh!

After the long walk by the beach, mommy wiped all my legs, face and mouth with a towel. Mommy said I got too much sand in my mouth. Of course I get sand all over my face and mouth because I got to sniff at every other item on my way which includes the sand, small crab, dirt, grass etc. etc. etc. I am gundog after all !!! Then, mommy blow dry my wet ears and legs (so noisy!). Sigh!

Oh, by the way, mommy let me sniff your 'unwashed' shorts (All your other unwashed clothes were washed by dada earlier. Dada said it not good 'feng shui' to keep dirty clothes. So all was washed and pressed.) I wanted to chew and sleep on your shorts but mommy took it away. Sigh!

Mommy takes me for a walk daily (sometimes twice, in the morning and evening). I love going for a walk...Mommy walks and I try to run as much as possible. That is why I am so lean and strong. You want to know something, mommy is so crappy about being overweight and complains to me every other day. I pretend not to hear her whenever she talks about her weight issue. Normally, I go to sleep when mommy talks because she talk non-stop. Sigh!)

I miss you daddy. I love too.

Cheers, hugs and sloppy kisses,

p.s. Now you know why I 'SIGH' so much in my sleep. Take care daddy. You are always in my thoughts and dream(s).


Nil said...

Dear Al E, there is no snow here and rains quite a bit. The weather is not as cold as some other parts of Europe and not many dogs need sweaters. However, in colder climate, you will need a sweater which you are not allowed to eat up! I saw a black cocker spaniel once near Van Gogh musuem and it reminded me of you. I see so many type of dogs everywhere and all remind me and make me wish for us to be together. I know you miss me - I will be back soon, before your birthday, and we will celebrate ok. I love you and moomy. Be a man and take care of mommy ok.

Nil said...

Dear Al E, please tell mommy to take a lot of pictures of you and put up in the blog.