Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another letter to my boy

Hi Al E Boy,

It has been exactly 4 weeks since I left you in Miri with your Dada.

Now Mummy is there to care for you.

I miss you every day, a lot.

I see that you have become a little hairy as well as big compared to when I left you.

I hope that you enjoyed my postcard that I sent to you.

I wish that one day, we can all be together as a family and you can frolic freely everywhere like I see dogs over here.

I know that in your heart and in your mind, you miss me too and wondering where I have gone for so long.

I look at your pictures and our family pictures everyday to remind me of what I have left behind.

I yearn to be close to all of you again soon.

I am sad to be here alone but happy to have the opportunity.

Somehow, although you do not speak English, I ave a feeling you have an understanding of how we feel .... and I hope we have an understanding of how you feel.

Take care of yourself and take care of Mummy and Dada while I am away the next few months.

Love always,
Your daddy.


Ser said...

AL-E boy loves you and am sure at times dream about you...

Sometimes he wakes up at a loss and go look for you in the room (Note: If I had not closed properly. AL-E will sniff, sniff at your are.....)

AL-E has bitten off some parts of your Croc sandle (the one in green)...This is a sure sign that he misses you...

Sometimes he likes to play rough with me (like he does with you) and start bitting (not by force)...when I yelp/scream, AL-E stops and start licking me with sloapy kisses..I guess he realise that it is mommy and not daddy, so he stops immediately and just slump on the carpet. Just to entertain him further, we play 'throw ball'. We play for a good 20 to 30 minutes - till he gets really tired.

Nil said...

Yah, I am sure he misses me. Do you let him play with some of my unwashed tshirts. I dun mind if he tears it up a little. I think I have some cheap unwashed tee's. I miss you too wifety but since this is Al E's blog, that is another story.