Thursday, February 26, 2009

Evening walk-Feb 24th

Hi daddy,

Watch me walking with mommy by the beach. Mommy won't let me set foot in the sea water though. Sigh!

Enjoy the show.

AL-E Baba


Nil said...

Al E, it is so nice of mommy to upload the picture of you running around like a monkey. Don't you ever get tired? Ask mommy to upload some pictures also and ask her to let you run around freely sometimes ;)

Ser said...

Run freely..? Are you mad or something?

The way this monkey runs, I will not be able to find him especially with abundance of stray dogs around ...also every other stranger loves AL-E's fur, so they may just take AL-E..

I have to be careful because AL-E has yet to have proper obedience education. Until then, he will on leash. PERIOD! No compromise!!!

Susah betul nak jaga anak kita ni. Dahlah nakal, pandai pula but very clumsy too.

Ser said...

AL-E never gets tired...he takes about 30 minutes wink and all energised! I wish I had energy similar as AL-E's for now.

macK said...