Monday, March 9, 2009

Al E's new toys from Europe

Of course I cannot resist getting things for my boy and nearly bought him a special Doggy Beer but knew mommy would not approve, so bought you things that you will enjoy and make Al E the coolest dog in the neighbourhood.

Al E Baba new bling bling personalised collar; who am I? I am Al E B.

A dog ain't cool with just bling bling. So Al E is also getting cool sunglasses.

Al E will also get this nice big bright green ball where I can fill some treats in and when it rolls around, some treats will come out.

A cool dog does not poo poo anywhere without getting things cleaned up; so a bling bling for me to carry bags around my neck as well.

And this is for me and daddy to play some wrestling. At the same time, it strengthens and clean Al E's teeth as well.

Al E is also getting some harness for the car where he can be following the law and have a seat belt on when he rides with us.

I am sure Al E can't wait to get this new stuff.


Ser said...

Wah, so nice...AL-E Belly gonna get lots of gift for his B'day this year. I am sure he will enjoy them all.

But then the greatest gift of all will be your presence back in Miri.

Ser said...

Whatever you bought for AL-E's teeth, I hope it is without Xyilatol, because this substance is poisonous for dogs.

Nil said...

None of the things I have got are made in China, mostly made in Deutchland or Germany as we know it. The thing I bought is not for eating, so it contains no Xyilatol. BTW, it is also poisonous for humans if taken in excessive amounts.