Friday, March 6, 2009

Potty on the second day-Post Surgery

Dear Daddy,

It was so very so painful and difficult to pass motion for the first time after surgery. Finally, I did it and mommy was so happy.

Prior to this, mommy was so concerned and she was talking to Dr. S on what to do with my condition/situation. They were talking for so long and I have never seen mommy frowned so much...Then I just did it and everything is well.

Daddy, please tell mommy not to frown so much, otherwise she may need BOTOX treatment soon...Ha ha aha akwakakakakakkaka.

Love, hugs and lots of kisses,

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Nil said...

Dear Al E, I am so happy that you are recovering well. And I can understand that you feel pain and things are a little difficult especially with the collar around your neck as well. Next time ask Mommy to give you privacy ok, so shy the whole world can see you go poo poo :P Mommy should not forwn so much but she is just concerned about you, you are our boy and we love you so much. Take care.