Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Post Surgery

Dear daddy,

I hope you are well and thank you for all your call, concern and prayers.

I am so very tired and drowsy (and still feeling hurt...).

Mommy has been taking of me every other hour. I have no appetite, so mommy is hand feeding me (she feeds me water by using a spoon and my meals by hand nice of mommy).

I have been fixed with an Elizabeth collar which is darn bulky and cumbersome. I wish mommy would take it off.

Ms. J dropped by which was nice. Unfortunately all my plea to get Ms. J to undo my E. Collar was in vain...

Daddy, I wish you were here, at least you would be on my side and undo the E. Collar (I really do not like this fashionable collar around my neck. Whoever invented ugly and bulky....looks more like a lamp shade to me).

Mommy looks tired and a little crappy but she has not raised her voice like usual. In fact, mommy has been very kind, gentle and nice (except that she would not undo the E. Collar).
Okay, I wanna go sleep now daddy. I love you too.
Love and hugs,
p.s. Picture of me without the E. Collar was taken in the morning prior to the surgery. Do I look cool daddy?


Nil said...

My dear boy, I know you feel hurt as well as do not like the "lamp shade" around your neck, but as soon as you are healed, mommy will take it off. Mommy and I love you so much, as such, sometimes we do things for your own well being like getting this operation. Mommy is just tired and a little bit sad and maybe a little bit angry that I am not there to help take care of you. I was so tempted to take some time off to fly back for a week or so, but unfortunately, could not find leave or cheap tickets. I am sorry I am not there for mommy and you. You take care and in no time you will be back to your feet. Love, Your daddy.

kC said...

aiyoh, kesian