Monday, March 16, 2009

Playing ball with an E.Collar

This video makes one wonder how innovative and creative some dogs can be. Well, this is our Mr. AL-E Zabeth playing with gusto even with the cumbersome Elizabeth Collar. All you have to do now is say 'Ball' and AL-E will go sniffing and looking for the ball. Next is play time. Watch and enjoy the show.


Nil said...

So cute lah our boy, boundless energy and loves his toys and playing.

Ser said...

Yup. No major side effects from the surgery.

Anjali said AL-E's being his usual self. AL-E was all over Anjali - licking and jumping on her lap.

AL-E was licking (or tried to) and jumped over Kupps. Poor Kupps, all scared until AL-E calmed down.

That's our boy...gorgeous and can be mistaken for a female dog, has a cool, edgy & bushy 70s hairdo AND lots of energy.