Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My favorite things

AL-E's favorite things:

1. Sleeping/Taking afternoon naps too.
2. Kissing mommy and daddy (more like slobbering wet kisses)
3. Licking itself like a 'cat'! (daily ritual).
4. Barking. Various versions. Differs between strangers, family and friends.
5. Treats (all kinds).
6. Love green apples (actually all kinds of apples).
7. Jumping on the balcony.
8. Running on the beach (Walking only applies when tired).
9. Eating sand.
10.Eating bugs.
11.Sniffing at each and every animated stuff in the house.
12.Sniffing mommy when she is all done-up with makeup.
13.Sniffing anyone with perfume on.
14.Bullying our friend Kupps...he he he kwakakakaka
15.Greeting all our friends (I think AL-E has the impression that all our friends are his pets/toys).

That's all for now.

1 comment:

Nil said...

This are a few of Al E's favorite things. Like sleeping in his basket, licking his ..., scratching all parts of his body, sitting in the balcony in the cool breeze of the night etc etc