Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My training

Dear Mommy and other friends,

Every Wednesday Daddy is taking me for obedience training with Robin.

Robin is quite a nice person and with Daddy has been training me quite well.

Today, I continued to learn how to walk properly. I also am doing well in the sit command. Every now and then Daddy and Robin would use the down command, which is different from sit.

In addition, I have learned the over command which means I have to jump over some obstacle. I sometimes like jumping over the obstacle and sometimes I am refusing.

Today I also learned the stay command. Daddy or Robin will first ask me to sit. Then they give me a treat and ask me to stay. And I am supposed to remain sitting.

I did quite well with stay and Robin and Daddy also let go of the leash and I still just stayed in the sitting position.

Due to this, I got a lot of sausage treats which I love. I did not even eat the food Daddy kept for me outside but I did drink a lot of water when I came back.

Now I am soooooooooo tired and knocked out by Daddy's feet under his table as he is working and in a call with some people that I do not understand.

Anyways, I am well and training is going well for me.

Tata, woof woof and bow wow for now.

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Ser said... dear boy, good to hear that you are doing well in class. Stop 'refusing' and start learning to follow instructions (which you already have started). I am sure you will do fine.

Take care and see you soon.