Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obedience Training

Today Daddy and I started obedience training classes.

I thought this class was for me to teach daddy and mommy to be more obedient to me, but I was so disappointed. In the end, it seems the classes are for me.

It is not very easy.... not because I am difficult but more because of the corrections daddy has to do.

Daddy will yank my collar if I do not follow a command.

Most of the time I follow his commands to sit or come here and he praises me when I do it.

But there are times I do not do it and he has to yank my chain until I choke a little.

Yesterday after the training, I was a little upset and angry with daddy. But I guess that is how it is going to be for a while.

There was also one idiot who riled me up by trying to bully me and was being bad and condescending, so I barked and barked at him and would have bitten his hand off if Robin and daddy did not hold me back. I guess some people are just not that good, I pity the dog that is with that idiot.

In that sense, I am happy that I have mommy and daddy who love me to bits.

This morning, I was back to normal. All is forgiven and licks all over the face and following daddy like he is my GPS (global positioning system).

I have to do his commands on a leash at least 10 to 15 minutes daily.

And the classes will continue for about 6 weeks. Hopefully after that I can do more fun stuff like the agility stuff, it is like a playground out there.


Ser said...

Yeah...I am sure AL-E Belly can't wait for his agility class.

I am glad I was not there...I would have given my 2 cents to that 'idiot' who had rilled up our boy.
(Note: Mommy can be fierce too! But then this is Miri and dunno if that fella is another small/big time Miri Mafia! Sigh!)

Anonymous said...

Dear AE,

Wauw quite an experience this training.
But I can tell you it is very usefull for all of you
I am sure you are the smartest of all and don't forget you will be rewarded once the training has been finished.
You will understand humans better and of course vice versa.....
So have fun during these sessions and be a proud smart Cocker.

Big hug from