Friday, September 5, 2008

AL-E 'The Ripper'

Thinking of what to write hubby's comments about our AL-E being 'The Ripper' or 'AL-E The Ripper'.

This 'Jack The Ripper' idea was first announced by our dear friend G (Note: G was joking of course ...not hubby...Hubby improvised and made it sound like the dog-ripper. Let me clarify and explain some truth behind all these rippings.)

Sounds cruel but when I think about, hmm... hmm....makes some sense. Why?,

AL-E can be difficult, stubborn and full of gusto in NOT obeying commands to 'tearing and ripping' paper base material. With him around, I don't really need a shredding machine.

When it comes to books, papers, toilet rolls, tissue paper, tissue box, newspaper, magazine or any material in the form of paper, he needs no command. He's very good in tearing them apart and munching them like a gum.

Mostly, he will spit them after chewing but some will find it's way through his rear end. That's when you hear him yelp and shriek when potty session is on-going....Boy never learns (yet). Hopefully it is just a 'teething' stage and it'll pass.

Besides papers, Al-E has in the past month ripped hubby's pants (Armani pants, no kidding...I feel like writing to Giorgio to place a 'caution' note on all his clothes especially to safe-guard pet owners). On top of that, he has also ripped my new Sonny San skirt (which I had yet to wear)... AL-E has EXPENSIVE taste for his victims!!! (No cheap stuff, no 'cap helang' T-Shirts, Padini pants/shirts, G2000, ...just to name a few.)

When it comes to clothes, I don't think AL-E did it on purpose but more so in the excitement of seeing us back home from work or dinner or wherever we come from for the day/hours.

So what do I do when I catch the 'monkey-dog' in action (for ripping clothes)? I normally put him in his crate and lock him up for 10 minutes as a form of punishment. Throughout the 10 minutes, I'll ignore this little monkey. He'll yelp for a bit and will be quiet.

The minute the crate door is opened, he'll jump (more like a fly-over) on me, sniff me up and 'kiss' all over my face as an apology gesture. This almost always melt my heart. Overcome with emotion, I give him a hug and kiss his adorable head saying 'Okay, you are forgiven, do remember to behave at all times baby.' Oh, also, I may add 'I love you too AL-E belly, smelly-belly-monkey cat-dog!'.

Boy, I am's almost 3.00 pm and I have yet to finish up eating my lunch! Sigh!


bal said...

thanks for the warning,Sarah, so i'll leave the armani at home when i come visit(sigh, i wish i HAD some armani at home that I could leave at home when I come visit). Listen, i like dogs that keep me company when i howl at the moon, can Al-E do that yet? Let me know when he can, keep me posted will ya? I think he will be a good moon-howler. He looks it. Trust me, i know of these things... i.. like, can tell.

PS, i like your blog. Will check in often. Let me know about the moon howling thing tho.... like, soon ok?

Cuddly Family said...

our dog used to do that..

they have this thing about tissue paper.. the kids were the same at a certain age HAHA

hmmm did Al really ripped N's pants or was it the result of too much makan makan? ehehhehehe Im so naughty!

Ser said...

AL-E really ripped Nil's pants and my skirt too...sigh! As usual, the fella is attention seeker (at least for now and at this stage)..Cheers.

Ser said...

Moon Howling...Ummm....AL-E is not a werewolf lah....wait a sec...sometimes he tends to howl for just a split second (during the day on a rare occasion). Not when the moon appears though. Mind boggling, right?

bal said...

he's just a puppy, give him time. the moon will call when the time is right. You can't rush these things.Trust me, i know of these things. The signs are all there...the torn things, the cuts and scars all over Nils, the fever you were so frantic about...the 'late night entertaining of Al-E;...why does your puppy dog not want to sleep nights...the signs are all there i tell you Ser.. the moon will call, and it will call soon. And the question is, when the call comes, and Al-E's eyes glaze over, and his ears pick up, and his fur turns dark and grizzly, will you be ready my dear..will you be ready?? Muahahahaha!!God i've been listening to too much Tom Waits..morbid.:-D


Ser said...

To Dr.B:- Hiya, you have been reading too much non-fiction stuff...Interesting though...Anyways, if that fella does such stuff, I'll use my five element crystal balls to reverse the situation. There you go... a happy I am going back to my siesta. Cheers.

Nil said...

Now we got Al-E boy, the dog and Alleycat, the owner :-P Check out my latest hairstyle in my blog.

Ser said...

The human daddy has 'Alleycat' hairdo ...not the mommy (the co-owner). Cheers.