Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bath Time

For the past two weeks, our little AL-E has been smelling like 'something that a cat would have dragged from the dumpster in the middle of the night'.

AL-E's BO has been absolutely unbearable, rather pungent and somewhat unpleasantly toxicating. However, hubby is not of the same view. I tried to explain to him but alas, my darling dismisses my logic .... sometimes it feels like I am speaking an alien language with my other half.

I wish I could pour some of my Chanel No. 5 or Coco Mademoiselle. Alas, that is considered toxic for puppies and dogs in general!

The non-toxic bio-degradable Pet's Cologne Fragrance/Spray seems not to work this time around...Actually, the fragrance only lasts for an hour or so...

Finally, today, I had my day.....Yoohooo I was able to give our little AL-E the much needed bath.
I am sure too AL-E had a gala time not having a bath for the past two weeks.

Two reasons why AL-E could not have his bath. First due to monthly vaccination and second due to 'tick-pouring' procedure (which is poured into his neck - upper part) done back-to-back. Actually, tick-medication procedure was done the week after the vaccination. Normally, after vaccination, one have to wait for at least five days prior to bathing the dog. Having 'tick-medication' procedure done five days after the vaccination delayed further AL-E's bath time.

AL-E was given a good scrub all over his body especially on his long ears. His ears tend to get a little waxy after a week although we clean both his ears on a daily basis. It could also possible be due to his habit of getting his long ears into his food and water bowls. We sometimes tease AL-E by calling him 'Sloppy Joe' due to his sloppy mannerism in drinking water.

On top of that gave him a nice facial and massage throughout his body. I am sure he loved it ....nah... Just look at the pictures of little AL-E all wet and soapy... He looked like he is going through a post-traumatic stress disorder.

The minute the sliding door was opened, AL-E dashed out to the living. It was a 'cat & mouse' chase for awhile before I manage to imprison the little fella on my lap to pat dry him. Had to use two long bath towels. AL-E loves to chew towels for some reason-a new habit. So, in order to distract him, I had to place one on the floor and the other to really dry him off.....Oh that's not the end of it.....

Here comes the best part, blow-drying the little imp. AL-E hates to be soaked wet but blow-drying is not his favorite cup of tea either. Again, I had to imprison him on my lap to proceed with the drying...I am sure he thinks mommy is 'Cruella de Vil'...

Cruella or otherwise, I won this battle. Using my high speed, saloon use hair dryer, AL-E was looking gorgeous in no time..Now it is showtime....

Phew........I am so exhausted...All in a dog's day!

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Nil said...

Al E does not stink - I stand by my words. When he is wet, he looks like a sewer rat but when he is all dry, he looks like a tiger that he is.