Monday, September 8, 2008

AL-E's Essentials

Every other dog require some level of essential items at home for it’s training purpose, medication, toys for chewing / fun time etc.

Here’s AL-E’s list of essentials for his upkeep. Items listed below are already purchased and the list is on-going:

1. Two training crates ( A big and small crate which is used as his potty & pee
2. Dog leash (We have got several for AL-E)
3. Dog Collar (Several types)
4. Several bowls (for food and water) – all the containers red in colour.

5. Chewable Vitamin (AL-E’s ALL TIME favourite item – He practically looks
forward to his vitamin time everyday. It is a meat flavoured tablets which contains
calcium, iron, magnesium,folic asid, vitamin A, D, E etc. It is called ‘vi-sorbits’ which
is manufactured by Pfizer.)
Note: His mommy i.e. dog-owner looks forward eating her list of vitamins too, on a
daily basis, of course.

6. Duvet covers for his basket cum bed.
7. Blanket
(Fleece blanket-to keep AL-E warm on cold nights. Especially, when the air-con is
8. Towels.
9. Disposable wet towels.
10. Paper towels.
11. Several brush & comb.
12. Several type of shampoo
(Currently we use an Oatmeal base shampoo for his bath).
13. Toothbrush.
14. Toothpaste.
15. Ear drops.
16. Eye drops.
17. Cotton bud.
18. Cotton.
19. Nail Clippers
(Note: So far, the vet has been clipping AL-E’s nails. The nail clipper is still in its
20. Chew bones.
21. Treat – Pisa Pizza Dog Treats (Bil.Jac brand). Others include Milky sticks.
22. Dental Stick (To remove bad breath. AL-E’s does not have bad breath because he only eats
what’s given i.e. dry food which is also Bil.Jac brand. So, the dental stick is only used occasionally, especially when guests are expected at our home.)
23. Breath Treats.
24. Vegetarian bone for chewing (Note: AL-E loves this.)
25. Stool Deodorizer Plus (It is a chewable tablet for dogs to eliminate foul stool & urine odour).
Since AL-E is still a puppy, we only use this item occasionally.
26. Toilet training Formula (A spray to help/assist in getting puppy toilet trained) – Really works
with AL-E.
27. Cologne Spray.
28. Bitter Bite Spray (A non-toxic spray to discourage dogs from chewing furniture, upholstery,
plants etc.)
29. Instant Odor Eliminator (A Biodegradable & bio-enzymatic cleaner & deodorizer to eliminate
urine and faeces odour from kennels and bedding's.)
30. Body cologne (Non-toxic perfume for puppy).
31. Tick medication – We get the vet to administer this liquid base tick medication.
32. A selection of soft toys (in many shapes and sizes) – the purchase is still on
His mommy is shopaholic which is extended to her puppy’s needs as well....
33. Numerous books (Books for AL-E’s training purpose and general health etc.)

This list is yet to be conclusive and there are many more items that being purchased on regular basis such accessories (his bling bling dog collar -inclusive of some crystal), books on dogs etc. etc.

In the pipeline, a proper closet for AL-E (right now we keep all his towels, spare blanket, duvet covers, pillow-case, pillows in a big container with lid).


Nil said...

The list seems extremely short, need to be inventorized and audited, I could have sworn that we have got more than 100 things around. Anyway, it's all good, even if he has 1000 things, the best for our boy although he is sometimes a monkey.

Ser said...

Agreed. Love him to bits.

miloice said...

Oh my gawd! all that just for a AL-E!!!!?? I am not worthy... I am not worthy... :P