Thursday, September 11, 2008

Monkey Business at Home

Had a good breakfast, played with AL-E for an hour or so, posted a new write-up for my blog, had a shower and left house to go to the hair-saloon.

Since, I will be gone for a good four hours or so, I decided to give AL-E a bigger space in the living area and block off the dining area with the new three panel 'divider'.

Currently the 'divider' is being used to separate the kitchen and dining area. The three panel 'divider' works as an armour to ward off AL-E & his constant and ever creative antics in the 'ripping' & 'chewing' activity (his favorite pastime, especially since he is in teething stage).

Anyhow, the trip to the hair saloon for colouring (touch-up), highlights and treatment has been long overdue and I really need to cover my hair roots. Everything turns out fine at the saloon. Having spent a good four hours at the hair saloon made me really sleepy and the idea having a 'siesta' seems much more appetising than lunch itself.

Guess what the monkey-dog did at home......That little fella managed to push the heavy three panel door (one section of it) and had a gala time in the kitchen. AL-E managed to rip off all the three pieces of soft door mat. See picture.....sigh.

In retrospect, this is a mild incident as compared to Tuesday's massive vase-breaking and brochure tearing session.

Attachments (Pictures - in no particular order):-

1.Panel door closed (1 picture);
2 Panel door opened(1 picture);
3.AL-E's excitement to see me back home [If, AL-E can speak, he'll probably say "Look mom, I managed to push open the panel door all by myself...just watch me do it again..."] (2 pictures);
4. AL-E's tired face due to all the manual labour of pushing the panel door (1 picture);
5. Some other regular antics of pulling towel/blanket....(3 pictures)
6. What's left of the three pieces of door mat (2 pictures)
Nevertheless, all's not lost. Both AL-E and myself had a nice siesta EXCEPT mine was cut short by hubby's where was I in dreamland?...Never mind.


Nil said...

I like the standing pictures I took last night.

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to post something like this on my website and this gave me an idea. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Ich habe einige wunderbare Weisheit.