Friday, September 12, 2008

The best gift

A roll of toilet paper and a box of tissues can be the best plaything for our little AL-E.

He will rip it apart, then sherd the contents, half of which will be swallowed and ejected from his rear end.

AL-E has also ripped some books, magazine and newspaper. By the time, he had chewed a whole box of tissues, newspaper, books and magazines, he is usually so exhausted that he falls asleep and we always find him with his head cradled on piles of sodden newsprint.

Nevertheless, these misfits of his do not go unnoticed. AL-E gets punished which is to being locked up in the big crate for at least 10 minutes. AL-E will sulk and give a solemn face but the chap knows that he has gone too far... However, everytime when he gets this sort of punishment, he looks so sorry that we forgave him almost immediately.

We don't mind clearing up AL-E's mess because we are so darn devoted to him. For this, hubby gave a new nickname to our little fella a.k.a 'The Don'. He may not know any tricks but he makes our heart melt every time we looked at him or cuddled him.

AL-E loves everybody, us (his owners), friends which he sometimes considers his toys, strangers and I suspect some would-be robber (although I hope this does not materialise).


Nil said...

Well, the good thing is that we do not need a paper shredder in Miri. Any mail/envelopes requiring shredding, here you go Al-E. Anyways, just spoke to Ani a while back and she said Al-E has been "nakal" - guess what he did? Shredded up the newspaper in his crate :-) That's my boy. I know he is well taken care off although I do miss him to bits.

Ser said...

That's our boy alright! AL-E 'The Paper Ripper'. I rather he's naughty than to sulk...Anyways our AL-E is in good hands till we come back to claim the little fella.