Sunday, January 17, 2010

Me with Daddy

A long time ago it seems now that I came to live with Mommy and Daddy. But it has been one and a half years, seems like more than a decade to me (in doggy years, it is more than a decade).

Now, I am all grown up and moving to Kay El.

I like to stretch, since I was just a wee lil pup.

Of course licking mommy and daddy is always compulsory. Who else can you lick but your loved ones.

I also liked playing with all types of balls. I still have this green soccer ball but now like to play coconut football with daddy. But Mommy will not play coconut football with me. Oh well.

Daddy was trying to point out the ocean to me but all I was interested to look at was Mommy who was holding this funny black device they call a camera.

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Ser said...

Watching these pictures of AL-E, makes me think that we only got our boy yesterday.