Friday, January 15, 2010

15 more days

Mommy and Daddy are bringing me to Kay El.

They say in 15 more days.

They say we going to be in a new home.

I hope I like my new home.

I will miss the wonderful runs on the beach with daddy, the nice long walks with mommy, the coconut football with daddy.

I will miss Coco, Cherry and Connie - all my 3 girlfriends with names starting with a C.

I will also miss my crazy neighbour Gaju, although we never became friends, I have always admired him as an elder statesman.

I will miss auntie Joanna, uncle Kupps and many other friends.

But I will be with mommy, daddy and dada and I hear Auntie Angie is also in Kay El and will visit occasionally.

I hear I also have a patti (gran-ma) which may not like me - but I am sure I can soften her heart.

I also have Auntie Sophie to play with.

I hear there is a big garden and a lot of other friends I will make like Max and Sparky.

I have mixed feelings, but I will be fine.

Only thing I dread is that big crate daddy has brought and keeps telling me that I will be in it for 4-5 hours.

Kay El, here comes Prince Al E Baba of North Borneo - be ready for a good time out.

1 comment:

Ser said...

Sounds like our boy...ever so ready..ever ready battery...let me see ...ummm AL-E's has the energy of Duracell battery (can play all day...)