Friday, January 15, 2010

Soccer & Coconut

Lately both mommy and daddy have been taking me for frequent walks and run on the beach...I suppose it is because we all be moving back to Kay-el soon.

Most of the time, daddy forget to bring toys like my soccer ball to the beach. So instead he uses coconuts as balls. It is interesting - not easy but nevertheless fun playing soccer using coconuts found on the beach.

However, mommy do not seem amused. Apparently I consume too much sand and coconut husk while playing on the beach - according to mom.


Al E said...

Yah lah Daddy, mummy does not seem to understand that playing with coconuts is all natural, bio-degradable and better for the environment compared to all those rubber and plastic balls that are colored with possibly toxic paints. I love the coconut football because it is so much fun and challenging.

Ser said...

Ya right AL-E. Having said so what you just did, imagine who have to go through all the headache of figuring what is wrong with you whenever your poop gets too smelly, soggy and watery! Who dashes to the vet/clinic...mommy and not daddy. Remember that. Remember that you have a weak stomach, and mommy is ever careful with your consumption of fibre especially from coconut.