Sunday, January 17, 2010

Me with Mommy

Here are some pictures with Mommy. You see Mommy got a lil jealous when I uploaded Daddy's pictures although I was going to do Mommy's later.

Here, as usual, me kissing Mommy. Nowadays it is a routine every morning, afternoon, evening and night. Mommy is nice to kiss because she has all nice smelling stuff on her face compared to Daddy's rough stubbles.

Mommy duly kisses me back but she has me in this grip that I cannot escape.

Here Mommy is in the background as I pretend to sleep.

Yummy, that was paw licking good. See the pink blanket in the background? I still have it but it is now full of holes.

This is my "What you looking at" cheeky pose.

An now Mommy trying to show me the sea but again all I was interested to watch was daddy.

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Thanks for putting this entry Al-E