Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drama Queen

AL-E reminds us of someone very close and dear to us, my mother.

Why? My mom gets ill every now and then.
Boy! my mom can be quite a 'drama queen' when she is sick (does not matter if it is just food-poisoning due to eating a piece of fruit at 5 pm or a mild-fever due to heat/climate). For some reason, quite a number of anitibiotic pills does not agree with her (I will not make a list here - too long!).

So, why am I talking about mom. Well, our little AL-E is no better. The antibiotic that the doc/vet gave AL-E for his skin issues got him really sick. The side-effects range from rapid breathing, loss of appetite, tired, lethargic and plain non-active.

Gosh! I feel really bad for getting him to take the antibiotic. AL-E was just laying on the floor motionless with heavy breathing - even his favorite games, toys seem not to amuse him. He won't even acknowledge when his name is called. That's it, we decided he's off taking 'Cephalexin'. That's the name of the antibiotic.

We observed him all night. I barely had 4 hours of sleep.

Well, there is a happy ending to this story. Forty hours later, AL-E is his usual 'MONKEY' self. Busying himself with his daily antics. Driving both of us nuts but we are not complaining.

Boy, we are happy to have our AL-E back.

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Nil said...

Drama King to say the least. But then again, he is quite an active dog, so, when he is quiet like that, we know something is not right. Furthermore, loosing teeth and the pain of going through that must surely drain him.