Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Works of Art

I left the house for about an hour and half , for my hair appointment. When I got back, guess what's awaiting at home?
AL-E's art work, torn pieces of hubby's favorite calendar (purchased via Not much remaining pieces left now......The knee pad too went through some ripping process (still in good shape though).

I stayed with the little fella the whole day yesterday (played games with him too).

So, this is AL-E's little payback for being bored and lonely. Sigh!


Nil said...

I guess Al E likes Dogbert as much as I enjoy Dilbert comics. Coming soon, Al E Baba's Consulting Agency. Our motto is, we rip what you sow.

Ser said...

Interesting concept. Are we encouraging our little pup to be a conman ('consulting' - con and insult).

What is this ripping business? I rather AL-E is a gentlemen (for a dog) in terms of his manners especially eating & drinking time.

Personally, I rather AL-E not become 'The Ripper'.

Awesomeness said...

hahahaha becareful that he might turn out to be bitchnizer :P

Ser said...

What is a bitchinizer? AL-E is a male dog...!!! Please explain.