Friday, October 31, 2008

Red Pillow

AL-E gets a new gift every now and then.

Sometime last week, I got him a brand new red pillow - to be a cushion for his sleeping basket.

The reason being, some parts of the basket is really being chewed-up by our little monkey. AL-E has lots of soft toys, bones, munchy stuff etc. etc.

However our little fellow here, really looks forward in biting up (or to pieces) rattan chairs, rattan sofa, rattan basket, my study table (the legs) and my favorite chair (the legs as well). Must be really yummy and soothing for a teething dog!

I wonder how long this red pillow will last (especially since he loves to chew on the corners of the pillow as well - from time to time). Sigh!!


Nil said...

Considering his big throw up this morning, we need to maybe slowly remove off the basket lah before there is no basket left.

Ser said...

Ya loh.....soon all the basket pieces will be in his tummy...Perut boroi full of rattan!!! (Have to see via X-RAY).

Before that happens, we will need to fix the basket with material (cover it up).

Oh well!

Anonymous said...

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