Friday, October 31, 2008

AL-E's new diet and the aftermath

Our boy has a new diet which he sourced himself - rattan pieces.
Yes, our rattan sofa's are being chewed and swallowed bit by bit daily. Normally, it will end up appearing on his rear end. However, our little fella got too carried away last night. He ate way too much rattan...

So this morning, just as I was drifting off in my dreamland, heard hubby's loud yell (calling out to me), more like an urgent SOS. I jumped out of my bed and was presented with part of living room with AL-E's 'dhall curry' - all dried-up with lots of rattan pieces. Sigh! The boy must have had a tough night, vomiting and all.

Clutching my disinfectant solution, rubber gloves, paper towels, I got to work (Me, the clean-up crew). Then, fed AL-E. We both took him for a walk (more like a morning run). Now, he is sleeping soundly - while this blog is being written.

Nevertheless, the most AMAZING part is that we were not disturbed or woken at all last night/wee hours of the morning. AL-E is so considerate of our well-being too. I suppose he understands that we need our sleep since we slept so late..........The boy can be an idiot but yet intelligent at the same time.

We need to desperately find a way to stop AL-E from chewing and eating up our rattan furniture. I have sprayed the 'bitter bite' spray on all our rattan furniture. See if this works!

On top of that, AL-E still gave us the usual standard facials this morning!

Sometimes, I wonder where AL-E gets the energy to greet us good morning with gusto despite probably having a tough time last night with all that purging.....


Cuddly Family said...

awww bless him.

even rawhide bones dont satisfy him?

Ser said...

I sudah mati kutu dengan this fella. He's got so many many toys (for chewing and playing), all types and sizes of bones.

Plus, various types of biscuits specially for puppies.But still, AL-E has to chew on rattan. Very mind boggling!!! His biscuits is of the oven-baked version.

What's so great with rattan?

Nil said...

What also amazed me the most is also the fact that despite the big throw up and the pain that he must have gone through, he still let us sleep as well as jumped all over us to greet us in the morning.... that was just a awwww moment.