Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frequent bath time and Fish Oil

AL-E has been scratching and biting some parts of his body quite a bit. So, as usual, we being worried parents, dashed our little AL-E to the vet.

Earlier, we discovered AL-E has some 17 spots of dry-flaky stuff on his belly and some parts of his upper body. At the clinic, bought a medicated shampoo and brush for his bathing needs (prescribed by vet).

Plus, doc's order, to bathe AL-E every 3 days till all spots disappear. Doc also gave some antibiotic. The doc started course immediately - more like chuck/pushed one piece into his throat (which of course our AL-E spit out and had to be trusted into his throat). Poor AL-E.

All this abrasive medicated shampoo may take a toll on his shiny black coat. So, we have started AL-E on Coatex (special fish oil for dogs and cats)-recommeded by the doc/vet. It does not smell nice and reminds me of those times when my mom and dad used feed me with 'Scots Emulsion Fish Oil' (yucks). I was on it till maybe 11 or 12 years old.

I bet Coatex fish oil sucks but nevertheless it is going to help AL-E maintain a healthy coat. So be it. How do I do it? How do I persuade a four-legged-fury animal to consume this stuff? Apparently, it will take 2 to 3 months of daily consumption of Coatex, in order to see results. Oh, blimey! Definitely need hubby's help, need to force feed AL-E Coatex (just like the way the doc demonstrated). Not easy with our little monkey


Nil said...

Fish oil .... mmmmmm. sedap, enak pulak ......... NOT. Al E is also teething, so the poor boy is in a lot of pain.

Ser said...

The poor boy is in pain due to teething issues but nevertheless, he is always in good spirit (day in and day out). That's something beautiful about AL-E and we all should follow, being in good spirit despite everything/anything.