Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a doggy dog world

One day, about 4 months ago, wifey and I were talking on what name I would give to a pet i.e. dog or cat if we had one.

Somehow, I always thought that a pet of mine would have a fun name, not the normal names like Rusty or Bob or Max etc. Wifey even suggested Maximillium or Augutus.

I came up with Al E Baba, Alladin, Goofy and if female Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Esmeralda or some other cartoon sort of character if it was a dog.

And of course if for a cat it had to be Liono, Jaga, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara - Thundercats Ho!

We were not seriously thinking of getting a pet and were talking more in future i.e. when we moved to Australia.

The next day, we went to Imperial for some regular shopping and lo and behold, they had a pet exhibition in the concourse area.

Before our shopping, we saw these 3 dogs in a cage, 2 German Shepherds and 1 little black dog which I had no idea what it was but it was sure as heck cute and charming.

We also saw some lazy Siamese cats laying about in their cage. (I am sure you can guess that I am not a cat person)

Dexter, the person selling the pets (and not the boy with mad scientist instincts with a hidden lab in his house), let these little dog out and straight away he came for me to sniff out and bite my shoes.

I was sold.

After our shopping, I very instintively, irrationally and compuslively decided to buy the little black dog.

And in the same manner, decided to name it Al E Baba - I thought it was unique, cute and a fun name.

Of course, wifey was not happy at all at that time mainly because of my irrationality and compulsiveness.

We have had Al E for slightly over four months now but the joy that he has brought to our lives is truly priceless. Wifey and I love Al E to heck.

Unconditional love and when we are playing with Al E, no thoughts or turbulance in our mind.

Life is beautiful and has been a blessing with Al E Baba in our lives.

It's a doggy dog world.

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